Tim Buckley – Sefronia
Discreet 1974

Tim Buckley, jeff’s father, has been an idol since I first
laid my ears on his music late seventies. It all started
with Look at The Fool, his last album. Tim sadly died
after taking an overdose of heroin age 28, june 29th,
1975. He started as a folk singer but his style changed
to soul, jazz, psychadelica, avant-garde over the years.
One of the greatest voices ever in seventies pop music.

Look At The Fool 1974

01 – Dolphins
02 – Honey man
03 – Because of you
04 – Peanut man
05 – Martha
06 – Quicksand
07 – I know I’d recognize your face
08 – Stone in love
09 – Sefronia-after asklepiades
10 – Sefronia-the kong’s chain
11 – Sally go ’round the roses


The Owigiri Originator
Professor I.K. Belemu and
his Exponents of Nigeria
Kalaofiogbene/Adekagbene Special
Nnadi & Sons Record Stores 1990

Nigerian highlife comes in all kinds of forms under various names.
Professor I.K. Belemu brings us this album from 1990 and called it
‘Ijaw Highlife’. He performed under a bunch of different names,
take a look at his page on Discogs to see them all. As far as Discogs
is complete, this must be the only record with ‘his Exponents of
Nigeria’. Owigiri is another term we see passing by on his albums.
if you know more about it, please enlighten us ..

Nigeriaanse highlife komt in vele vormen en soorten. professor I.K.
Belemu brengt ons dit album uit 1990 en noemt het ‘Ijaw Highlife’.
Hij verscheen onder een hele rij verschillende namen, kijk eens op
Discogs om ze allemaal te zien. Voor zover Discogs compleet is,
zou dit de enige plaat zijn met ‘his Exponents of Nigeria’. Owigiri
is een andere term die we op zijn platen veel zien voorbij komen.
Als jij er meer van weet, vertel ons er dan iets over ..


01 – Kalaofiogbene/Adekagbene special
02 – Eye emo beinge mo
03 – Egebu


This is E.K.’s Band – No. 1 led by E.K. Nyame
Philips / Phonogram 1973

click on it

Uit 1973 hebben we vandaag deze mono elpee met E.K. Nyame
ofwel E.K.’ Band met hun oudste geregistreerde album op Discogs.
De plaat bevat drie religieuze songs en 9 niet religieuze. Belangrijkste
bezigheid van de groep was jaren het spelen op begrafenissen en
buiten ceremonies. Vanaf 1950 kwam er een keerpunt in hun carrière
en werd en vaker in de studio gespeeld. Lees de ‘backsleeve’ voor
meer relevante informatie ..

from 1973 we’ve got this mono record with mister E.K. Nyame
or E.K.’s Band with their oldest registred album on Discogs. The
elpee contains three religious songs and nine non-religious ones.
For years they played at funerals and outdooring ceremonies
when they mainly lived of gifts and such. From 1950 they reached
their turning point and went recording after being discovered.
Read the backsleeve for more relevant information ..

Sankofa with E.K.

01 – Onyimpa mama
02 – Onyame beba
03 – Bra ohoho
04 – Kobo awesa
05 – Onyame tie m’asem
06 – Maye m’atutu hanom
07 – Obra
08 – M’ada me nsem adi
09 – Se wawu anaa
10 – Onyame bekyere
11 – Ene maa abaso
12 – Mede mentee o


Super 5 International – Vol. 1
Soul Posters / Tabansi SP 2121 / TRL 119

In march and october of 2010 we had two of their albums.
On those they were called ‘Original Super 5’, there are four
records on my shelf under the name ‘Super 5 International’.
Today the first of these called vol. 1. Topnotch Nigerian high-
life of which we find no year of release. Bright sounding as if
recorded only yesterday. Get it and spread it ..

In maart en oktober van het jaar 2010 hadden we reeds twee
van hun albums hier op de Global Groove. Die kwamen ooit uit
onder de naam ‘Original Super 5’. Ik heb er nog eens vier op de
plank waarop ze ‘Super 5 International’ heten. Vandaag de eerste
hiervan. Sterke Nigeriaanse highlife waarvan we geen jaar van
uitgifte weten. Helder klinkend alsof hij gisteren werd opgenomen.
Down, deel en luister zoals altijd ..

Helena 1977
On Tabansi Label 1977

01 – My wife
02 – Na me go marry you
03 – Angelina
04 – Yanga and trouble
05 – Do me I do you
06 – Enu Uwa
07 – Money de yab man


Bezerra da Silva e Seus Convidados
Partido Alto Nota 10 vol. 2, Pega Eu
Os Pagodes Mais Cantados Nas Rodas
de Samba da Malandragem
CID 1979

Goedemorgen groevers, Ik kreeg een bericht van Gloomood,
hij of zij wees me op een post uit 2009 met slechte cover foto.
Ik heb deze maar eens opnieuw gemaakt en de file aangepast
aan de eisen van vandaag. Wat hebben we hier .. ?
Een re-post van een van Bezerra’s belangrijkste platen, zijn
songs staan zonder uitzondering bol van maatschappij kritische
teksten, zeer humoristisch en vol ironie. Het criminele en drugs
gerelateerde milieu komt ruimschoots aan bod.

Good morning groovers, I received message of Gloomood
saying one of our 2009 posts still had a quite poor sleeve
picture. It was time to restore the file and the post.
What do we have here .. ?
A re-post of one of Bezerra da Silva’s most important albums.
His songs are always display of political and society critics.
Very humoristic lyrics about criminals and drug related

É Esse Aí Que É O Homem 1984
Malandro Rife 1985
O Melhor dos Partideiros 1982
Eu Não Sou Santo 1990
Alô Malandragem, Maloca o Flagrante! 1986
Justiça Social 1987
Os Pagodes Mais Cantados Nas Rodas de Samba da Malandragem 1980
Violência Gera Violência 1988
O Melhor Do Partido Alto 1981
E Um Punhado de Bambas 1982
Genaro & Bezerra da Silva, Partido Alto Nota 10 1977
Partido Alto Nota 10, vol. 5 1984
Grupo Favela & Genaro 1976
Clube do Samba vol. 3 1987

01 – Pega eu
02 – Piranha
03 – Acordo de malandro
04 – Apolo do samba
05 – Se tenho razão
06 – O bom sofredor
07 – Lugar macabro
08 – Bata da vovó
09 – Malandra não vacila
10 – Não há mais jeito
11 – Meu bem
12 – Jogo proibido


Nathan Skyers – Dem A Fight I
Ayo Music / Rough Trade 1983

click on it

click on it

In 1983 this little 6 track album came to attention. Nathan
Skyers was unknown to us but made a strong impression
with this record. Read the backsleeve details for more
relevant info. Enjoy listening to Nathan Skyers ..


01 – Leave bad company
02 – Dem a fight I
03 – Pay more attention (to the younger generation)
04 – Dance the disco reggae
05 – I don’t know why
06 – My lover (has gone away)


Triston Palmer meets Jah Thomas In Disco Style
Entertainment, Majestic Reggae 1996

From the very first time I listened to this album I was amused
by the lyrics, ‘Entertainment is a form of enjoyment’. Happy
times with Triston Palmer and Jah Thomas.
I’d say “..enjoy this entertainment ..”


01 – That;s all I want
02 – Two in a family
03 – For health and strength
04 – Jah jah guidance
05 – Times so hard
06 – Seek and find
07 – Entertainment
08 – Friday night jamboree
09 – Runaround woman
10 – Tribute to the reggae king
11 – Got to praise jah jah
12 – Red eye
13 – Reggae taking over
14 – Feeding the 5000
15 – Give me a chance
16 – Please mr. officer
17 – Heartbreaker
18 – Get a girl tonight
19 – Woman woman
20 – Jealous man


The Rolands – Johnny Dollar
Masai 1982

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Short but catchy is this seven track record with the
Rolands. Lead vocals by Roland “Johnny Dollar” Burrel.
Check the great line-up clicking on the backsleeve.
A 1982 rarity you don’t want to miss out on ..


01 – Black race
02 – Johnny dollar
03 – Nobody cares
04 – Stormy night
05 – Suzette
06 – Strongest love
07 – Come home


Vibronics – Dubliftment
Universal 2004

01 – Only one dub
02 – Mount zion-I
03 – Dub forever
04 – Deep root dub
05 – Red, gold & green
06 – Highland dub
07 – Dub herbs
08 – Volcano
09 – East end dub
10 – Dub struggle
11 – Sound minded
12 – Dinosaur


Bunny Wailer sings The Wailers
Island 1980

With Bob Marley and Peter Tosh, Neville O’Riley Livingstone,
or Bunny Wailer was the third original Wailer. Bunnie made
some memorable albums over the years. This is the second
of his records here at the Global Groove. Some others will
follow. With Sly Dunbar, Robbie Shakespeare, Earl ‘Chinna’
Smith, K. Sterling, W. Wright, Headly Bennett, Dean Fraser,
Nambo and Sticky. All vocals, Bunny Wailer ..


01 – Dancing shoes
02 – Mellow mood
03 – Dreamland
04 – Keep on movin’
05 – Hypocrite
06 – I’m the toughest
07 – Rule this land
08 – Burial
09 – I stand predominate
10 – Walk the proud land


Global Sampler vol. 73 – Various Artists

All Samplers

01 – Pépé Kallé et Carlito – Verre cassé, Nasala nini
02 – Ebenezer Obey & his International Brothers Band – Gbe bemi oluwa
03 – l’Ensemble Abricot – Baila guaguanco
04 – Teta Lando – Cecilia
05 – Aloy Anyanwu & State Brothers International – Ndu ka aku
06 – Rafael mendoza y su Conjunto – Carrito viejo
07 – Julio de la Ossa – Arrepentida
08 – Elton Medeiros – Avenida fechada
09 – Chuito y Natalia con Toribo y el Conjunto Industrias Nativas – Un matrimonio en jayuya
10 – Alejo Durán – Nube viajera
11 – Orchestre Tele Music – Kimbanda sida
12 – M.D. Shirinda & Gaza Sisters – Mavunwa
13 – Fatman Reddim Section – Take it all
14 – Sir Waziri Oshomah – Osimhe oayemheya
15 – Djalma Pires – Obsessão