Composer – Trinidad, land of Calypso,Antilliana ( prob. late 60’s )

I’d have to gamble on the year on this LP, I’d say 1969, if any one
knows..¬†If you listen to the hilarius song ‘Child training’ on the album,
‘All time Calypso from Trinidad and Tobago’, posted earlier this week,
you know what to expect here, Composer is a funny guy,


1 Permission
2 I love you
3 Reconstruction
4 Prove your love
5 Blow the whole place down
6 Workers lament
7 The argument
8 Proper teaching
9 Forgive me
10 Men on strike


4 thoughts on “Composer – Trinidad, land of Calypso,Antilliana ( prob. late 60’s )

  1. I’m having a big vibe over this Composer album this week. Thanks for stepping up and slamming this onto the internet!

    It inspired me to purchase a great calypso album by Chalkdust that I have posted on my blog,

    Do check it out!

  2. I just wanted to stop by and thank you ever so much for all your great posts…
    I was not yet alive when any of these albums were released, but I enjoy them very much and am very thankful to you for posting these lost gems…

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