Francisco Ulloa – Dance Dynamite
Globe Style 1985/1987

‘Up Up Tempo Dance Dynamite from the Dominican Republic’
that’s what the cover says and that’s what it is, a dancer.
Hot Hot Hot,


1 La tijera
2 Agua de tu fuente
3 La situacion
4 El beso robao
5 Tongoneata
6 Ramonita
7 Mañana por la mañana
8 Los caballos
9 Lindas mujer
10 Lucas y Radhames
11 La lengua
12 San Francisco
13 Homenaje a Bolo


4 thoughts on “Francisco Ulloa – Dance Dynamite
Globe Style 1985/1987

  1. wueepaa this is great! i was working in the audiovisual archives in the dominican republic a year ago and they just started a very basic music preservation project, hopefully i can bring you some recently restored tunes from this awesome country! – marcia

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