Singers & Players – Revenge of the Underdog, On-U Sound 1982

Singers & Players, front, cd size

It must have been 1980 or 1981, the birth of ‘On-U Sound’, a magic moment.
From the very beginning I was fascinated by the partly weird, but
super-groovy ‘Reggae’based, sounds created by the Wizard of Dub and
soundeffects, ‘Adrian Sherwood’, one of my alltime heroes !
His beats and basses are incomparable.
Ever since I heard the first notes of ‘On-U Sound’, I bought everything
I could find. What a great days they were.
With ‘Prince Far I’ ( cover ), ‘Jah Woosh’ and Bim Sherman on vocals,
and one of my favourite drummers on track 5, ‘Eskimo Fox’.


1 Dungeon
2 Merchant ship
3 Jah army band
4 Too much work load
5 Prodigal son
6 Follower
7 Water the garden
8 Resolution ( pt. 2 / version 2 )
9 Thing called love
10 Cha-ris-ma


2 thoughts on “Singers & Players – Revenge of the Underdog, On-U Sound 1982

  1. Track 5 – Prodigal Son – seems to be defective. It has tags but no content, and is 2k in size.

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