Various Artists – Carribean Carnival, Mace

It took me a couple of days again to get back to you Groovers,
we all need to work now and then. Here’s another Calypso collector
from somewhere down the cabinet. Again there’s no year stated here.
Ripping this one turned a big smile on my face, check out ‘the Mighty
Duke’s Woop Wap, fantastic lyrics.


1 The Mighty Sparrow – Old man and the donkey
2 Lord Nelson – I’ve got the itch
3 Starlift – The outcast
4 The Mighty Beaver – Rose
5 The Mighty Duke – Woop Wap
6 The Mighty Sparrow – Calypso twist
7 The Mighty Duke – Racial segregation
8 The Mighty Beaver – Book of love
9 Starlift – I feel pretty
10 Lord Nelson – Problems on my mind


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