Global Sampler vol. 8

Global Sampler vol.8

It’s been some time since I’ve launched the last sampler,
I must make some to keep up the pace. For who missed it,
every LP posted on this blog is represented by a song on
these samplers. This one covers the albums posted between
July 11 and July 20. It can help you to find what you’re
looking for. listen.

1 Los Guaracheros de Oriente – Echale tierra
2 Django Rienhardt & Hot Club de France – Viper’s dream
3 Wayne Jarret – Magic in the air
4 Damiron y Chapuseaux – El jarro pichao
5 Otis Redding – Give away none of my love
6 Orchestra Harlow – El exigente
7 Kitch – Carnival time
8 Creation Rebel-New Age Steppers – Last sane dream
9 Paulinho da Viola – Nao leve a mal
10 Sparks – This town ain’t big enough for both of us
11 The Peter Peter Ivers Band – Alpha Centauri
12 Reggie Knighton – Drugdealer
13 Beth Carvalho – Onde esta a honestidade
14 Adoniran Barbosa e Os Titulares do Ritmo – Samba do Arnesto
15 Ray Barretto – Se traba
16 The Impressions – Mighty mighty ( Space and Whitey )
17 Ed Lincoln – Miss Balanço
18 Olatunji and his Drums of Passion – Ojo Davis
19 Anibal Velasquez y su conjunto
20 Abelardo Barroso con la Orquesta Sensación – Changuí monte adentro


5 thoughts on “Global Sampler vol. 8

  1. Excellent, I was hoping you’d do another of these. I’m new to your site and utterly overwhelmed with the sheer volume of fantastic music you have. These comps are just the job for a newbie.

    Good work, Mr Moos!

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