Rochereau Tabu Ley – & l’Orchestre Afrisa, african 1973

Tabu Ley, front, cd size

Another Rochereau, this one is from 1973 and that shows.
It seems Tabu Ley is the inventor of the Afro-hairdo, no serieus
he was kind of hip those days, that shirt too. He even recorded
his version of ‘Let it be’ ( Beatles ), not for me that is.
Although it’s quite different from the original and sung in his
own language, I prefer Rochereau’s own songs.
Part from that this is a great album, check it out yourself.


1 Afrisa l’International
2 Leki ya mongali… tosuki wapi ?
3 Tete nakozonga
4 Marie-Lou
5 Nakwei carreau
6 Dialogue
7 Lal a biy
8 Sebene – 182
9 Libala to cinema
10 Mofuku na libenga


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