Beny Moré, Sonero Mayor vol. 4, Egrem/Areito 1982

This is not a career album but just a kind of ‘Best of’. Still it’s
a great way to learn about Beny Moré. Haven’t you heard him yet ?
One of Cuba’s highest mail voices, what subtle perfection, I
just love his mambo’s, uuhhh.


1 Te quedaras
2 Encantado de la vida
3 En el tiempo de la colonia
4 Oh! Vida
5 Locas por el mambo
6 Mi chiquita quiere guarachar
7 Barbaro del ritmo
8 A media noche
9 Cinturita
10 Corazon rebelde
11 El bobo de la yuca
12 Me voy pa’el pueblo


3 thoughts on “Beny Moré, Sonero Mayor vol. 4, Egrem/Areito 1982

  1. Yep, this is one of the greatest… never seen this “Sonero Mayor” collection before. Hope you’ll be lucky enough to find the first 3 albums too. Amazing!!

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