Elio Revé y su Ritmo….. Changüi, Siboney / Egrem 1982

Elio Revé, front

In August of 2008 I posted an album by Orchesta Revé, this one
is by the same artist but under his own name. Find the other
here . Elio Revé created a sound totally unique.
Born out of ‘Son’, his ‘Changüi’ with it’s almost funky warm bass
and hypnotic rhythms is the most famous. I found some more information
on this_page.


1 Negra con pelo
2 Señores silencio
3 Tu eres mi ilusión
4 Mi ritmo changüi
5 A mí
6 Oyan coro
7 Matingó
8 Tu lunar
9 Vamos a Artemisa
10 Manyé pa’Catalina


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