Asi Kapela et Zoe Matondo – Sama-sama,Disc Orient

What do we have here ? Singer Asi Kapela and Congas-player Zoe
Matondo formed this group in which we find on solo guitar, Lukeau-Jean
Julios, on rhythm guitar Lokassa K., on drums Moya Lotula Ringo,
bass guitar Manana Antoine and second bass and vocals Keletingui
Papus. I saw that only our friend at Ambiance Congo had one track
posted before, now here’s the whole album. The LP gives no year of
release, just guessing, I would say mid-seventy’s. If you know,..


1 Sama-sama
2 Mariane
3 Etalyo problème
4 Kabibi


7 thoughts on “Asi Kapela et Zoe Matondo – Sama-sama,Disc Orient

  1. I just got around to listening to this for the first time. Damn, but it’s fine! The writing’s top notch, the lead guitar is strong, the singing’s good, and they lay down some really great rhythms.

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