Stars from Zaïre Vol.4 – Various Artists,Deram 1977


Something quite special tonight. A Nigerian Release of Congolese
music. On ‘Deram’ distributed by Rogers All Stars, on behalf of Decca
West Africa Limited. I found two albums on this label recently, the other
one also contains some beautiful tracks of which most were also released
on the ‘african’ label as ‘l’Afrique Danse’. Some of the songs on this LP aswell
by the way. Check out ‘Stars from Zaïre’ Vol. 4. Enjoy.


1 Orchestre Bella-Bella – Sola 2er
2 Orchestre Les Grands Maquisards – Biki
3 Orchestre Les Grands Maquisards – Mariam Mboka
4 Orchestre Conga 68 de Jonny – F.C. Dragon
5 Elegance Jazz – Lisumu lisango
6 Orchestre Vévé – Mfumbwa 2eme
7 Orchestre Bella-Bella – Nakomitunaka


3 thoughts on “Stars from Zaïre Vol.4 – Various Artists,Deram 1977

  1. Thanks A lot for sharing all this great music.. i`ve followed you for quiet a while now and just wanna give my respectes..

    Edvard in Bergen, Norway..

    Big up..

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