Global Sampler vol.32

Global Sampler vol.32, front

These Samplers are meant to help you find the music you like
best at this blog. Listen to the various songs that were extracted
from the LP’s posted just over one year ago. Being a little behind
doesn’t hurt. New visitors are served better finding some of the older
files this way. To find the post you want, use our search option for
fast result. Enjoy this assorted compilation and happy searching.


1 Super Jamono de Dakar – Ndaxami
2 Franco et l’O.K. Jazz – Baila mi Carabine
3 Ramito – Buena en cantadad
4 African Brothers Band ( International ) – Wose yeanko pt.1
5 le Docteur Nico et son Orchestre – Mokili ya nzambe
6 Ramito – Rosas del campo
7 Ramblers International – Mbre ofio
8 S.B.B. du Congo – Mougagniga
9 Kyerematen Atwedie Stars – Ketewabiara nsua
10 Orchestre African All Stars International – Antaley
11 Odilio Gonzalez – Quisera amanecer
12 Justin Hines and the Dominoes – Natty take over
13 Bezerra da Silva, Partido Alto, Nota 10 – Piranha
14 Orchestre African Fiesta – Angola siempre
15 Don Carlos – In pieces
16 Dr. K. Gyasi & his Noble Kings – Odo yewu da baabi
17 Les Shleu Shleu – Ce la ou yĆ©
18 Fruko – Mi rio Cali


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