the Bhundu Boys – Shabini,Discafrique 1986

Bhundu Boys, front

The Bhundu Boys, 5 guys from Zimbabwe who mixed
chimurenga with pop music and other European and
American styles. They were quite popular in the eighties.
This is one of the albums that made them known in our
part of the world. Listen to the style they called ‘jit’.


1 Baba munini francis
2 Hupenyu hwangu
3 Pachedu
4 Zvichatinesta
5 Kuroja chete
6 Hatisitose
7 Manhenga
8 Shabini
9 Dai ndakaziva
10 Wenhamo haaneti


0 thoughts on “the Bhundu Boys – Shabini,Discafrique 1986

  1. Moos – Thank you so much for all of the effort that you’ve made to get these albums on-line. Thank you for reuniting me with all the albums that I’ve been looking for for years and for introducing me to new material as well. Bless you…


  2. I saw these guys in October 1989 at Harpos in Victoria BC Canada. Charge at the door was $8 and I would have paid $80 (CAN)

    Simply mind blowing show. they really “swung it”

    i will never forget that night.

    Thank you.

  3. Thanks for posting these. Hard to find African music in the US, particularly these out-of-circulation or orphaned albums. Only have one Bhundu Boys album that was released as a remastered CD about 10 years ago.

  4. Dear Groover,
    The link is no longer active, please can you republish. I had both vinyl and cd versions of this fantastic albumn, but sadly both were stoeln. I would really appreciate listening again.

    Lausanne, Switzerland

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