Les Bantous – Tam Tam Bantous,Editions Tam Tam Bantous

Les Bantous, front

2012 is starting off with some serious artists at the GG. One of
our favourite Congolese bands is this one. Les Bantous are
back with some serious sh*t indeed. Eight songs of class A
quality to bring back some more of the good old days..


1 Bandoki na boyi
2 Mbonguana
3 Annie ditsou
4 El loco
5 Banoko ya mokili
6 Mayele ya moto
7 Safou
8 momo


7 thoughts on “Les Bantous – Tam Tam Bantous,Editions Tam Tam Bantous

    this is another wonderful download – I always wonder why I glue at this old stuff – but this lp explains it on its own way! Thanks a lot!!

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