C.K. Mann & Kofi Yankson
Together !, Essiebons Enterprises Ltd. 1977

C.K. Mann, front

Have you heard of C.K. Mann ? He works together with
Kofi Yankson and the All Masters on this album. Another
big name is Ebo Taylor who was responsible for the
arrangements on ‘Wommaa Yensuo Mu’, #4 of side one.
I am not sure if he performs on this album as well but
there’s a good chance. Get it and spread it ! ..thnx..


1   Anwanwa do
2   Minyim a nkye mammba
3   Medze anyonkogor
4   Wommaa yensuo mu
5   Egya wo mba roko
6   Beyi fi yen do
7   Asem ato me
8   Biribiara botwam ako


3 thoughts on “C.K. Mann & Kofi Yankson
Together !, Essiebons Enterprises Ltd. 1977

  1. I have just finished listening to this record which I had never heard before &amp; I thank you for the opportunity. <br />Dave

  2. Great stuff. I&#39;m not surprised I&#39;ve never heard of Mann; it&#39;s just amazing how much good music was being made and recorded in Ghana and neighboring countries at the time. Thank you for in turn making it available to us.

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