Alex Konadu & One Man “1000” – Yere Wo Ato Mu Ate Ebi Awe, Brobisco 1980

Alex Konadu, front

Goodmorning people, yesterday I received a request. It was
Caleb who reminded me Alex Konadu hadn’t passed by here
for quite some time and that last january 18th was his death
anniversary. It just so happens I have the lp he requested
and here it is. So lets all play this record and pay Alex
Konadu the honour that is due to him, sweet highlife..


1 Yewo ato mu
2 Odo nti
3 Nsuo amuna
4 Onipa dee saa


3 thoughts on “Alex Konadu & One Man “1000” – Yere Wo Ato Mu Ate Ebi Awe, Brobisco 1980

  1. Hi Moos! Thank you so much for helping us honour Mr. One Man &quot;1000&quot; Alex Konadu :)<br /><br />We all really appreciate the time you took to do this!<br /><br />Have a good one,<br /><br />Caleb

  2. hello Moos, just when I thought I had seen it all from u, u pull up another surprise…thia past thursday, 6th march 2014 was Ghana&#39;s 57th Independence anniversary….I didnt want to be greedy &amp; notify u ahead of the independence to request for an album since u gave us a good Ghanaian album just a few days before but its great to see alex konadu here, he is one of the few artistes that

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