German Rosario con Toñito Ferrer
y sus Jibaros Modernos

German Rosario, front

From the moment I first laid my ears on it, I was sold.
Jíbaro from Puerto Rico is a style of music impossible
to ignore, we had a bunch of lp’s already. Ramito, Chuito
and one by German Rosario too. This one was waiting
for a while to find it’s place and today it finally comes
through to you. Hope you like it,
No need to rush however,
it is here to stay.


1 Todo lo tenia postizo
2 A puerto rico
3 Dime quien tiene tu amor
4 A solas con mi dolor
5 Huerfano en la vida
6 Las chicharroneras
7 Esdrujula
8 Celo matrimonial
9 Con la cruz a cuestas
10 Anoche mientras dormia
11 Castigo
12 Que delito me cometido ?


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y sus Jibaros Modernos

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