Dub Syndicate – Tunes from the Missing Channel
On-U Sound 1985

Dub Syndicate, front


This is an ode to the late and great Style Scott.
“Something nice is gonna happen to your ears..”, that’s the text
on one of the samples used by Adrian Sherwood, the producer
of this wonderful On-U Sound label. Drummer Style Scott, famous
for his work with Roots Radics, Bunny Wailer, Prince Far-I,
Israel Vibration, Dub Syndicate, and Gregory Isaacs among others
was found dead at his home on october 9th. May he rest in peace.
Early eighties he joined Adrian Sherwood to play on his On-U Sound
label and stayed for many years. This is an album on which we can
hear his incredible skills as a reggae drummer, one of the early
On-U Sound lp’s we used to play a whole lot back in the days.
Circumstances around his death are unknown at
present but gunshots or explosions were heard
from his house in Manchester Parish…
Beware, this is heavy dub music.


1 Ravi shankar pt.1
2 The show is coming
3 Must be dreaming
4 Over board
5 Forever more
6 Geoffrey boycott
7 Wellie
8 Jolly
9 Out and about


3 thoughts on “Dub Syndicate – Tunes from the Missing Channel
On-U Sound 1985

  1. Delicious.
    Did not know you did dub.
    Anything Adrian Sherwood piques my interest.
    So I just cruised the site and snaffled all that smelled dub-like.
    Many thanks to Moos the Mighty.

  2. Sorry to hear about Scott’s death. Roots Radics was my fave studio band back in the day. Thanks for the post.

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