Daniel Kamau – Kenyafrica ! vol. 1
Playa Sound PS 33001, 1976

Daniel Kamau, front

In the series ‘Kenyafrica !’, we had volumes two and five
so far. They were recorded in 1976 and it’s been over 3
years I posted the last one, in september 2011. Finally
I can bring you the number one in the series. It is an lp
by Daniel Kamau, he was born in the ‘Central Province’
of Kenia, the 2nd of february 1949. His parents worked
hard on their little farm to be able to raise the family.
Daniel loved to play the guitar from 9 years old but
wasn’t allowed to touch the guitars of his older brothers
because he was too young..Later he proved them all
wrong being the first to record an album of his own
still being a student. He had several hits during the
seventies, went to England and when he came back
recorded this here album. It is a sheer beauty and
I’m very glad to bring it, enjoy the benga
and pass it on to your friends..


1 Kiririkano kia zk
2 Pascalena pt. 2
3 Delina
4 Jane macyline
5 Macho ine pt. 2
6 Chiru
7 Kairitu gatari thoni pt. 2
8 Helena
9 Kanini
10 Wendo uri murio
11 Kairitu kairu
12 Ningwite nawe pt. 2


7 thoughts on “Daniel Kamau – Kenyafrica ! vol. 1
Playa Sound PS 33001, 1976

  1. Two solid weeks of unremittingly gray skies–with the prospect of much the same thing until April. Thanks for this, Moos: it will bring some much needed sunshine.

  2. Thank you very much Mr. Moos. Somehow I had missed the prior 2 Kenyafrica posts, but really enjoyed this so had to get up to speed!

  3. Thanks Moos. This is your first post from Central Kenya. Daniel Kamau (DK) is my friend and is a very humble friendly guy.

    • Thank you very much Anonymous, if you happen to meet Daniel, say thanks for us,
      the whole GG community loves his record, some 240 downloads in four days already.

      • Thanks Moos. Will certainly do. Other popular musicians from Central Kenya are Joseph Kamaru, John Ndichu(late), Rugwiti among others.

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