Beya Moke – Various Artists
RCA 1977

Beya Moke, front

Digitizing this lp was a tricky thing to do. This album has no
spaces between the tracks and using a cd recorder I had to
place the skips manually. At a few points I missed the exact
spot so it’s best listening to it as a whole. Let’s see what we
have here. A collector of Kenyan songs of extraordinary
quality. Six different bands doing ten songs. Looking at
the backsleeve we find a list of other important
albums in the same category, the search
continues, listen and find out why..


01 – Sakade Band – Beya moke pt. 1
02 – Sakade Band – Beya moke pt. 2
03 – Western jazz band – Wenzangu nawauliza
04 – Western jazz band – Rosa
05 – Victoria Jazz Band – D. osiento
06 – Boy Masaka – Moon
07 – Boy Masaka – Draai veld
08 – Mori River – Harison oyier
09 – Mori River – Rosalina atieno
10 – Afro 70 Band – Nambie kweli


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RCA 1977

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