Nahawa Doumbia – Sakòrò Mery
AS Records

Na Hawa Doumbia, front

Yesterday evening Nahawa Doumbia played in Amsterdam.
I heard a friend about it and it seems a shame I could
not make it. Great singer, great voice. Listen..


1 Sakòrò mery
2 Demisen kulu
3 Ma i ni wula
4 Jigi yiri


5 thoughts on “Re-Post
Nahawa Doumbia – Sakòrò Mery
AS Records

  1. Hello Moos!
    I’m following your blog but with a little delay as my
    time is very limited yet … but not today!

    I had downloaded ‘Sakoro Mery’ from your blog long time ago,
    perhaps I have something of interest for you and others:

    E.T. Mensah & The Tempos – King of Highlife: Anthology – date of upload Nov. 18th 2015.
    available in flac and mp3
    best regards / Thomas

  2. I’m sorry I made a mistake, it never disappeared but the difference between na hawa and nahawa made me pull a wrong*t happens..

    • Na means mother, Hawa means Eve, she is known by that nickname, by the wisdom of her words.
      Moos and Sidiki !
      Thanks for being attentive and preserve cultures.

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