Wonderful Konadus Band
Alau Records 1977


If I’m not mistaking, this must be the twelfth album we have by
the great Alex Konadu. Our collection is slowly growing to become
a huge reference book. Side one is bound together as if it was one
big song, side two however counts five separate songs. This record
was released in Nigeria in 1977 and is wonderful as the title
already predicts.. just a bit noisy unfortunately..

tracks ;

01 – Meara-meara
—–M’ahunu amane
—–Wobeye nipa den
—–Onipa okyiri me
02 – Abiba no goodey
03 – Mama thick
04 – Onyame mpangu
05 – Asem me me-ara
06 – Asaase asa


6 thoughts on “Wonderful Konadus Band
Alau Records 1977

  1. Thanks Moos. Alex Konadu is always gold here on the global groove. I cant wait to listen. Cheers!

  2. I had to come back after listening… the music is good and full of energy… Alex Konadu is definitely the king of highlife medleys … all his medleys are good, not even Akwaboa comes close

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