Singers & Players – War of Words
99 Records 1981



Early eighties we were completely captured by the sound
created by Adrian Sherwood and his On-U sound. The LP
we have here is on 99 Records however but related to On-U.
A bunch of Jamaican artists working in England. 99 Records
was New York Based but if I’m correct the recordings were
made in the UK. Anyway, wonderful music, enjoy listening.
Incredible amd impressive Style Scott drumming..

In de vroege jaren tachtig waren we volledig gegrepen door
de sound van Adrian Sherwood en zijn On-U Sound label. Deze
plaat hoort daar eigenlijk ook bij maar kwam uit op 99 Records,
een New York zuster label. Een zwik getalenteerde Jamaicanen
die in Engeland actief waren werkte samen met Mr. Sherwood
aan deze indrukwekkende serie platen, luister en huiver.
Zwaar indrukwekkende drum capriolen van Style Scott..

tracks ;

01 – Devious woman
02 – Quanté jubila
03 – Sit and wonder
04 – Fit to survive
05 – Reaching the bad man
06 – World of dispensation
07 – 91 vibration


One thought on “Singers & Players – War of Words
99 Records 1981

  1. Thank you Moos. Many years ago, I owned this record (on the wonderful On-U Sounds label) but it got lost along the way. Side 2 (the dub side) is one of the best pieces of British dub that Adrian Sherwood has produced. Thank you, 1) for posting it so that others can listen and enjoy and 2) allowing me to re-discover it after so many years.

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