Peterson T. Mutebi & Orchestre the Tames
Abawali Bimuli “Vol. II”
Tamsic TAMLP 1003



An extremely rare album from Uganda today, it is by Peterson
T. Mutebi with the Tames – Abawala Bimuli vol. 2. The elpee has
no sleeve and we have no information. From the label we know
that the songs are written by Peterson T. Mutebi, W. Mukasa,
Willy Mubiru, Ronie O. Musisi, Peter Kabaale Super and Ronald
Ndema Ringo. That’s as far as it goes..enjoy listening.
Smooth cavacha, great guitar by Billy Mutebi..

Een extreem zeldzame plaat uit Uganda vandaag. Het is Peterson T.
Mutebi met de Tames – Abawala Bimuli vol. 2. Het album heeft
geen hoes en dus hebben we ook geen informatie. Op het web is
ook niet veel te vinden. Hier is een stuk waar hij in voor komt.
Van het label weten we dat de nummers zijn geschreven door
Peterson T. Mutebi, W. Mukasa, Willy Mubiru, Ronie O. Musisi,
Peter Kabaale Super en Ronald Ndema Ringo.
De cavacha kabbelt lekker voort, met de
zwoele gitaar van Billy Mutebi..

tracks ;

01 – Abawala bimuli
02 – Fina
03 – Kambabulire
94 – Berkie
05 – Abaana ba-tames
06 – Solome
07 – Anita weraba 2
08 – Totutabula


10 thoughts on “Peterson T. Mutebi & Orchestre the Tames
Abawali Bimuli “Vol. II”
Tamsic TAMLP 1003

  1. This album just made my day. Thanks a lot for sharing. … I`m curious, is everything ok with your blog? The last 2 or 3 days it takes me ages to load it while other sites load without any problems.

    • Hi Pete, I noticed too, since I loaded Wallahi le Zein in the blogroll,
      not sure if that has anything to do with it though..
      I removed a couple of blogs that didn’t post for
      four years now, maybe it will help..

  2. Amazing. It seems really music from a bygone era. I am living four years in Uganda now and never heard of Mutebi.

    • Hi Bert. I also live in Uganda, more accurate in Jinja. I have also never heard of Mutebi though I am mostly listening to Congolese music 🙂

  3. Oh Lord! Thanks a tonne Moos. Abaana Ba Thames and The Afrigo Band are the 2 top Uganda bands that played close to Congolese Rumba and Muziki Wa Dansi styles we grew up listening to. I read an article that Peterson Mutebi’s son was trying to revive Abaana Ba Thames band.

  4. The Tames recorded 6 lp’s and around 30 45’s between 1970 and 1983. They were the most prolific artists in Uganda in record output. They also mixed in kadongu kamu and traditional music in their repertoire. Check out this article i wrote on the record industry in Uganda. @ moos, your website is a lifeline for me here in Uganda to taste great African music from a golden era!

  5. Hi Moos this is the first time I will be able to listen to Ugandian rumba in my life. I am very curious and excited. Heard about it but never had the chance to enjoy it. As about a lot of African countries you only hear the negative stuff. This blog proves again and again that there was/is time for enjoyment too. thanks man you dont know how much genuine happiness and sweet memories your blog brought to me. Songs I was convinced never to hear again in my life. Rik

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