Sheshwe, The Sound of the Mines – Various Artists
Rounder 1988

The four bands we find on this collection of miners songs
have a quite similar sound. Maybe because they all share
the same bassplayer, Thomas Maseko. The musicians were
based in the Orange Free State of South Africa but all come
from the majestic mountain land Lesotho. Love the groove ..

tracks ;

01 – Manonyane A Moama – Malimo a manonyane
02 – Manka Le Phallang – Letsa la maluke
03 – Majakathatha – Bana baleha
04 – Sebata Sebata – Kwedi
05 – Manka Le Phallang – Batauoe
06 – Manka Le Phallang – Tsheng la terai
07 – Sebata Sebata – Setumo
08 – Manonyane A Moama – Ngoanaka
09 – Majakathatha – Khomo e khunoena
10 – Sebata Sebata – Selomo ke motjhonoke
11 – Manka Le Phallang – Manka re liahlehile
12 – Manonyane A Moama – Batla ho liela


3 thoughts on “Sheshwe, The Sound of the Mines – Various Artists
Rounder 1988

  1. Moos! Thanks for another year of awesome music. I’m grateful for the care you put into Global Groover and for being able to share your amazing record collection. I wish you a heathy and happy new year!!!

  2. happy newyear!!!


    on this record i hear a strong connection with ‘Puseletso Seema & Tau ea Linare’


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