Stars of Ghana WAP 21 – Various Artists
Decca 1982

Highlifes You Have Loved vol. 1 1972
King Kwabina Onyina – Tekrema Mmporo 1982
King Onyina – original Evergreen Tunes vol. 1
Stars of West Africa vol. 2 1963
Highlife Hits
Stars of West Africa 1961
E.T. Mensah & the Tempos Band
Highlife Giants of Africa 1984
E.T. Mensah – mensah’s African Rhythms 1969
E.T. Mensah and his Tempos Band
E.T. Mensah – King of Highlife is Back Again 1976
Highlife Treasure
Akom Ko 1976
The Ramblers – Doin’ Our Own Thing 1971
Ramblers International 1977
Jerry Hansen & the Ramblers 1967
The Sound of the Ramblers 1968
Ramblers International 1976
King Bruce & the Black Beats
the Professional Happy Stars Band

tracks ;

01 – Black Beats Band – Srotoi ye mli
02 – Stargazers Dance Band – Obi nkabi mmami
03 – Onyina’s Guitar Band – Odo ye owu
04 – Broadway Dance Band – Gyae su
05 – Akompi’s Guitar Band – Odo misu fre wo
06 – Black Beats Band – Owo ko ni fe
07 – African Tones – Me da ho gyan
08 – Black Beats Band – Wonma menka
09 – Onyina’s Guitar Band – Odo akoda agyame
10 – E.T. Mensah & his Tempos Band – Keyere mon
11 – Akompi’s Guitar Band – Black bra
12 – Black Beats Band – Bu duru mana
13 – Onyina’s Guitar Band – Konkonsa ni be bere
14 – Broadway Dance Band – Nkae


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Decca 1982

    • Hi Moos,
      There is something wrong with the site. All the posts from end January 2020 onwards have disappeared. Probably you were already warned by others but maybe not. Hope sincerely that this is not the end of global groove. Love your site a lot Rik

        • There is a lot of shit going on right now , so a site like this brings some comfort and happiness. , a site that people from different walks of life and backgrounds can enjoy.. Exited to hear you will be on line soon Respect

  1. Thanks a lot for all your musical gems. Best wishes for this wonderful blog.
    I think this Decca WAP 21 is from 1962 (may be there is a new release in 1982?)

    • Dear Mood
      It’s not only that they have erased from January, but the site is also blocked from the usual gateway!

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