The Hit Sounds vol. 1 – Various Artists
Editions Jicco 1976

Can anyone tell us what the term ‘Ikwo-Kiri-Kwo’ stands for ?
We found it on an album with Winam Jazz Band and it is found
on Kawere Boys in London for instance. Today we find it again.
There are three groups performing on this record as you can see.
The always great D.O.7 Shirati Jazz gets four tracks, Victoria Jazz
and Kawere Boys each two. Sweet benga music from Kenya which
always find a happy listening ear, get it and spread it ..

Wie kan ons vertellen waar de term ‘Ikwo-Kiri-Kwo’ voor staat ?
We vonden het reeds op een plaat met de Winam Jazz Band en
het staat op Kawere Boys in London. Vandaag vinden we het op
deze plaat. Drie goepen zijn vertegenwoordigd hier, het gewel-
dige D.O.7 Shirati Jazz krijgt vier nummers, Victoria Jazz en de
Kawere Boys ieder twee. Altijd fijne benga uit Kenya vind
keer op keer een blije luisteraar, down en deel weer ..

tracks ;

01 – D.O.7 Shirati Jazz – Andrew ondanje
02 – D.O.7 Shirati Jazz – Hera ber moloyo
03 – D.O.7 Shirati Jazz – Uketho nyingwa nono
04 – D.O.7 Shirati Jazz – Ndege obuoro
05 – Victoria Kings Jazz – Emmanuel opiyo
06 – Victoria Kings Jazz – Hannah
07 – Kawere Boys Band – “Saye ber mo”
08 – Kawere Boys Band – J. obel odugu


2 thoughts on “The Hit Sounds vol. 1 – Various Artists
Editions Jicco 1976

  1. Hi Moos…

    Apparently the term Ikwo-Kiri-Kwo means ice cream in Igbo language, according to google translate….

    Thanks for all the great music by the way!


  2. I think it is a term for hot sex as well as a provocative dance.

    See these 2 links I found:

    Remove the hyphens like so “IkwoKiriKwo” and google translate it to TailTime. Sounds like sex or provocative dance to me (tail is american slang for ass).

    p.s. Thanks for all the outstanding music posted – incredible. You’re doing amazing work here

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