Negro Jazz Band of East Africa – Vol. 1
Bonny Records 1977

It is benga from Kenya, the frontsleeve however displays
a Nigerian site. Label speaks of Congo Music. Strange. Bonny
Records from Onitsha Nigeria brings us this album with the Negro
Jazz Band of East Africa. Firm benga with steady
rhythms. Enjoy listening ..

Het betreft Keniaanse benga maar op de hoes van deze plaat
prijkt een Nigeriaans tafereel. Het label spreekt zelfs over
Congo Music. Vreemd. Bonny Records uit Onitsha Nigeria brengt
ons dit album met de Negro Jazz Band of East Africa. Stevige
benga met mooie strakke ritmes. Luister weer met plezier ..

tracks ;

01 – Oyoyo b. asasak
02 – Tropice jazz
03 – Akadas helen end
04 – Erokolo voice aforo
05 – Ynipsare odninak
06 – Noul oynobo


4 thoughts on “Negro Jazz Band of East Africa – Vol. 1
Bonny Records 1977

  1. the band probably performed in 1977 at the Festival of Art & Culture (FESTAC) held in Lagos Nigeria. Picture on the sleeve is the National Art Theater where the FESTAC took place.

    • I just listened and it seems you have a point here.
      There it is credited to Mori River, I was having my doubts about
      the true identity of Negro Jazz Band already, some tracks sound
      very much like Shirati Jazz for instance. I have no example like
      you do but maybe anyone can shine a light on the matter ..

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