Pere Ubu – The Modern Dance
Cooking Vinyl 1978

Veel jongeren luisteren weer naar muziek uit de tijd van hun
ouders. De vele series op Netflix en dergelijke bevatten oude
muziek en de tieners van nu gaan daar weer helemaal voor. In
een bekende talkshow werd hier vandaag aandacht aan besteed.
Ik wil ook een voorzetje geven, luister eens naar deze plaat kids.
Baanbrekend werk van David Thomas en zijn Pere Ubu uit 1978.
Hiermee kun je op school een goede sier maken hoor ..

Lots of youngsters from today start listening again to the music
from the days their parents were young. The many series that
show on Netflix and such contain old music and teenagers now
are really into that stuff. A famous Dutch talkshow gave the phe-
nomenon attention today. I would like to forward this idea. Listen
to David Thomas and his Pere Ubu for a change, I’m sure you
will score with it at school tomorrow ..


tracks ;

01 – Nonalignment pact
02 – The modern dance
03 – Laughing
04 – Street waves
05 – Chinese radiation
06 – Life stinks
07 – Real world
08 – Over my head
09 – Sentimental journey
10 – Humor me


5 thoughts on “Pere Ubu – The Modern Dance
Cooking Vinyl 1978

  1. Hi Moos,
    I am blind and therefore cannot read visual Captchas as are necessary to download something from your blog. Up to now, I could solve the problem by using a certain Add-on in Firefox (called Webvisum) that read these visual captchas to me.
    Unfortunately, this service seems to be no longer provided. In other blogs with captchas, there is also an audio-captcha provided, which unfortunately is not in your blog. Would it be possible to offer this possibility also in your blog? That would be great!

  2. I heard some of this when it was new and listened to more later and this was one of the records that changed music forever. Great post!

  3. I remember seeing Pere Ubu live in 1978 (possibly on the same bill as Devo?) and thinking just how difficult and uncompromising but different they were. 40 years on, they still sound vital and different. Thanks for sharing.

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