Weppa Wanno Sound vol. 5
led by Vincent Ugabi
Ijebor 1981

In our afenmai Etsakor section we’ve got the next Weppa Wanno
Sound album. It concerns volume 5 and as far as it was unclear so
far who was the leading force on these records, this one clearly
states; led by Vincent Ugabi. I only guess the other volumes were
also under his inspiring leadership. Listen to the
Honourable Vincent Ugabi ..

Vandaag in de afenmai Etsakor sectie nog zo’n Weppa Wanno Sound
album. Het betreft volume 5 en voor zover het tot nu toe onduidelijk
was wie de leidende kracht achter deze serie was, op deze staat duidelijk
‘led by Vincent Ugabi’. Ik veronderstel slechts dat hij ook op de eerdere
delen de drijvende kracht was. Luister naar de
Honourable Vincent Ugabi ..

Weppa Wanno Sound vol. 2 1980
Weppa Wanno Sound 1st 1979

tracks ;

01 – Chief audu special
—- Hon. asas the great
02 – Ebokhaisomi
03 – Erame-kha-gue


One thought on “Weppa Wanno Sound vol. 5
led by Vincent Ugabi
Ijebor 1981

  1. Grand grand merci pour ce nouveau Etsako style album. What a fantastic music ! Great guitars, great voices and hypnotic rhythm.

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