Exile One – Face au Public
Disques Debs 1975

Hij stond al geruime tijd in de wacht, deze plaat met Exile One.
In de 70’s opgericht met leden uit Dominica door Gordon Hender-
son. Ze spelen een mix aan stijlen, variërend van compas, cadence,
zouk, reggae, calypso en de zogenoemde cadence-lypso. De groep
huiste in Guadeloupe. Ze speelden over de hele wereld, van de USA
tot Africa en europa. Henri Debs mixte er achteraf geluiden onder
met publiek waardoor de indruk wordt gewekt dat het live is.
De geoefende luisteraar echter trapt daar natuurlijk niet in ..

It has been waiting to get posted for quite some time but today
it finally reaches you. Exile One was founded early seventies with
members from the ilsle of Dominica by Gordon Henderson. They
played a mixture of styles like compas, cadence, zouk, reggae,
calypso and invented the so called cadence-lypso. The group
was based in Guadeloupe. They performed worldwide in the
USA, Africa and Europe. Henri Debs mixed in sounds of public
afterwards and so creates the impression it was live. A well
trained listener like yourself does not buy it of course ..

Les Vikings de Guadeloupe, Boum Vacances wth Gordon Henderson, 1968

tracks ;

01 – Gader deye
02 – Jumbolo
03 – Ilyne
04 – Hit me with music
05 – Aki-yaka
06 – Bouquette roi des betes
07 – Dansez on reggay
08 – Massa


6 thoughts on “Exile One – Face au Public
Disques Debs 1975

  1. It was a big success for them. The first creole album of Exile One. It was recorded live in studio (not track by track), Henderson wrote in his book. Also a big success for Debs. The interesting thing on Cadence-lypso. This was the first Cadence-lypso album, after that it became a big hype. And some years later it was overrun by zouk and disappeared, a not even 10 years old genre.

  2. This album was indeed a huge success back in the days. I was a still a kid when my father used to listen it to brighten some days. The reggae tunes are really great.

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