Star Time with the Dark City Sisters
His Master’s Voice JCLP 46

Het is een vreemde tijd mensen. Wie zou een jaartje
geleden nog hebben gedacht dat de wereld er in 2020
zo voor zou staan. We moeten ons er doorheen slaan.
De warme harmonische stemmen van de Dark City
Sisters voelen alsof je even bij moeder op schoot
weg kruipt. Hun songs klinken als troostende
woorden en geven weer wat hoop op
betere tijden ..

It is a strange period in history people. Who would have
thought only a year ago that the world would look like
this in 2020. We must be strong and cope with whatever
happens. The warm harmonic voices of the Dark City
Sisters feel like sitting on our mother’s lap, their
songs offer consolation and hope
for better times ..

Best of the Dark City Sisters 1976

tracks ;

01 – Imphefumlo
02 – Change jive bafana
03 – Umtshitshimbo
04 – Intombi yembazo
05 – Rose
06 – Baya mzonda
07 – Tap tap ntshebe
08 – Insizwa
09 – Emarabhini
10 – Langa more
11 – Uma bhalane
12 – Seshas
13 – Sekusile
14 – Inice time change jive


5 thoughts on “Star Time with the Dark City Sisters
His Master’s Voice JCLP 46

  1. Thanks for posting great music in these difficult times, Moos.
    We have to stick together in Europe and all around the world.

    Guido from Cologne, Germany

    • Hi Moos ,
      Is this the original cover? Where did you get this record? You are truly making our lives a bit more exciting.
      with such great finds.
      Ke a leboga Rra , Siyabonga bra

      • Yes Rik, on Discogs we see vol’s 2,3 and 4 from ’66, ’67 and ’68,
        this one is without a year of release but I guess
        it is the first volume from maybe 1965.
        I think I must have found it on the Utrecht record fair ..

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