The Heptones – On Top
Studio One 1968

Quite frankly, there is absolutely no necessity for an introduction
of the Heptones to you, as I presume you already know all about
the boys and their musical activities.
To date, they are considered by thousands, to be the hottest ex-
ponents of Jamaica’s current musical trend – the Rock Steady.
Proof of this may be had from a listen to this magnificent new
LP, recently recorded by the singers.
This exciting album, is bejewelled with many “lava-hot” renditions,
all polished up quite nicely by the singers. This is the Heptones’
second LP, and take it as I give it – it is tougher than their former;
for whether it be for relaxed listening, or for putting a life into a
party, you’re all set to have a righteous good time.
Like I’m saying folks, this LP is a “must stuff”; for it’s gonna put flips
in your tips for decades. The singers say that they have it all planned;
and for what I know, they can’t miss. This “nifty” little package of
sounds, happen to be no ordinary package at all. It’s thunderous,
‘tame-wild’ and soul-filled. It gives a real mean wailop, and when
it gets to you, knocks you flat on your backs. You’ll look up, however,
and you’ll see, guess who you’ll see? The Heptones,
folks – way up there – “On Top”. (Jackie Estrick, liner notes)

Party Time 1976
gregory Isaacs wth The Heptones 1982
Rebel Music 1979
Best of Studio One 1983

tracks ;

01 – Equal rights
02 – Pure sorrow
03 – Heptones gonna fight
04 – I hold the handle
05 – My baby is gone
06 – Soul power
07 – Take me darling
08 – We are in the mood
09 – Sea of love
10 – pretty looks isn’t all
11 – Party time
12 – I love you

Bonus tracks ;

13 – A change is gonna come
14 – When you are down
15 – Oil in my lamp
16 – Party time (cleaner version)


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