The Kings Brothers of Kitwe
Seasonal Top Release
Nokwa Records 1977

I tell you straight, this must be one of, if not, the dustiest
and most crackly old record I have ever posted. It also has
the most worn out sleeve. It is an obscurity. Discogs knows
the band but not this album. Still, crackly or not, the music
is of interest and I didn’t want to withhold it from you.
So switch on your noise filter, listen through the
background (foreground-) noises and enjoy
the Kings Brothers of Kitwe anyway ..
P.S. sleeve and label give different names
to the songs, I’ll tell you both but use the
label version in the file ..

Ik zeg het je maar direct, dit moet zo’n beetje een van de,
als niet, meest krakerige platen zijn die ik ooit gebracht heb.
Hij heeft tevens een zeer gehavende hoes. Het is een tamelijke
obscurteit. Discogs kent de band wel, maar dit album niet. Hoe
dan ook, krakerig of niet, de muziek is van een interessant en
ik wilde hem je niet weerhouden. Dus zet je ruisfilter aan,
luister door de achter- of voorgrond geluiden heen
en vermaak je met the Kings Brothers of Kitwe ..
P.S. hoes en label geven verschillende
titels van de songs, ik geef ze je beiden,
maar gebruik de label versie in de file ..


01 – Ewind miki anying
02 – Godien egalo
03 – Jokpuenja yaliha
04 – Josephine odyingo
05 – Phieby adamby 1
06 – Phiebe adamby 2
07 – Merry riema 1
08 – Merry riema 2

01 – Godeam ogolos
02 – Yen meki kabu
03 – Jossy onyigo
04 – Jafu yulah
05 – Pheoby ambo 1
06 – Pheoby ambo 2
07 – Margy korima 1
08 – Margy korima 2


10 thoughts on “The Kings Brothers of Kitwe
Seasonal Top Release
Nokwa Records 1977

  1. Dear Moos,
    I was born and have lived in Kenya over 60 years, but have not heard a band by that name to come from Kenya. Even the track names do not have anything to do with Kenya. Please check your facts, it is probably Nigerian

    • Hey, I think you are right, Kitwe is in Zambia..
      the music sounds so much like Benga and the label
      also says Ikwokirikwo, a term which is used on
      various Benga albums from Kenya. So what do you
      think Pius ? Does this concern Benga from Zambia ?

      • The term “Ikwokirikwo” may not make any sence to tagging this to Kenya. It may be Benga, I do not dispute. However, even the previous post with that terminology may have their origin in Nigeria.
        1. Orchestre D.O. 7 Shirati Jazz – Elizabeth
        Editions Jicco 1976; is on Jicco Records, a Nigerian label.
        2. Shirati Luo Voice Jazz -Ikwokirikwo Hits of East Africa
        Sungura 1972; You also confess that the cover was found online, and that your copy came in a wrong cover.
        I do agree that Kenya has quite a number of tribal groupings, however, the terminology has no meaning here in Kenya, even in a name!

        • Hi Pius, I can’t dispute with you about Kenyan language issues,
          living in Holland I have no knowledge there. The term Ikwokirikwo
          is on various Benga albums. No idea why. What I am sure about however
          is that Daniel Owino Misiani is Kenyan, Sungura is a Kenyan label
          and Benga is Kenyan music. If you look on Discogs one of the albums by
          the Kings Brothers is tagged Kenya and one is tagged Nigeria.
          One thing is certain, the music is not Nigerian ..
          Anybody else with knowledge about the Kings Brothers ?

  2. excelente álbum, que posibilidad hay de que lo monten con mejor calidad de sonido, tiene mucha distorsión y no deja disfrutar plenamente de los temas musicales.

  3. As with the others above, many thanks for the album, Moos. Learning about this music in discussions makes it all real in a way that simply downloading a group of releases never does.

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