Pio Leiva , grupo Los Kimbos
Areito / Egrem 1988

He was called el Montunero de Cuba, Wilfredo Leiva (Pio)
Pascual. May 5, 1917 – march 23, 2006. One of the most
popular singers in the Son Montuno genre. he wrote the
hit song ‘Francisco Guayabal’, made famous by Beny Moré.
Pio worked with Bebo Valdez, Noro Morales, Compay
Segundo, Orquesta Aragon, Mariano Mercerón, Conjunto
Caney and Riverside. he was also one of the old stars who
joined Ry Cooder and Juan de Marcos González in their
Buena Vista Social Club project. Enjoy listening ..

Wikipedia, Dutch
Wikipedia, English

Sabor y Ritmo Tropical
Descargando el Montuno
El Montunero de Cuba

01 – Mulata con cola
02 – Se que te va a gustar
03 – Ritmo continental
04 – Con las barajas marcadas
05 – Francisco guayabal
06 – Que bonito estaba domingo
07 – La flor del caribe
08 – La picazon, papita con jamon
09 – Para ti
10 – Eran dos amigos


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Areito / Egrem 1988

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