Hugh Mundell – Jah Fire
with Lacksley Castell
Live and Love 1980

This short album with only eight songs is credited to Hugh
Mundell while it should in fact be on the name of both Hugh
Mundell and Lacksley Castell. Also see previous post ..

Dit korte album met slechts acht nummers wordt toegeschreven
aan Hugh Mundell terwijl het feitelijk een plaat is met Zowel
Hugh Mundell als Lacksley Castell. Zie ook de vorige post ..


01 – Lacksley Castell – Be my princess lady
02 – Hugh Mundell – Jah fire
03 – Hugh Mundell – Walk with jah
04 – Hugh Mundell – King of israel
05 – Lackskey Castell – Million miles
06 – Lacksley Castell & Hugh Mundell – My woman can
07 – Lacksley Castell – You over there
08 – Lacksley Castell – Black sheep


3 thoughts on “Hugh Mundell – Jah Fire
with Lacksley Castell
Live and Love 1980

  1. Not my cup of tea, but thanks for sharing. … Question: how can I find out when a specific song has been recorded (not published), especially with all those African music …? Discogs only gives release dates, but not the actual recording dates. … All the best, Pete

  2. Unreal riddims by Prince Jammy, one of my favourite roots records of all times. Thanks for this… keep them going

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