Chief I.I. Ayeni – Ora Traditional Highlife
Ijebor Records 1979

As most of our Etsakor highlife records, this one with Chief
I.I. Ayeni is also not free of noise. Being from 1979 it could
have been worse though. It is the third album we have with
the chief and the oldest until now. Slow music
from Ora, Bendel State ..

Zoals de meeste Etsakor platen in de collectie is ook deze niet
vrij van wat achtergrond geluid. Uitgebracht in 1979 had het
nog wel erger kunnen zijn, we doen her ermee. Het is de derde
die we tot dusver van hem hebben en de oudste zover.
Lekker langzame sound uit Ora, Bendel State ..


Ebako Alie 1985
Ohua-Nugbese 1981

01 – Algbokhaode nolojo
—- Omomomoeme yeda
02 – Malye etsenegbagaomo


4 thoughts on “Chief I.I. Ayeni – Ora Traditional Highlife
Ijebor Records 1979

  1. Thanks a lot Moos, always happy to hear more of this Etsakor sounds. These one is quite good to my ears, though a little bit cracky !

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