Djeli Moussa Diawara – Sobindo
Celluloid 1994

Some 90’s mandingo for you today. It has been a while
since we had this kind of cora music from Mali.
Enjoy listening ..


Yasimika 1985/1990

01 – Fatim
02 – Moya
03 – Sobindo
04 – Salsa-cora
05 – Se baya
06 – Bala djah
07 – Bana
08 – Ayo
09 – Cherif


5 thoughts on “Djeli Moussa Diawara – Sobindo
Celluloid 1994

  1. Thanks as always. Great music. The title track is a different version of the title track on his earlier album ‘Soubindoor’

    Ps Im not sure why you tag as Mali rather than Guinea?

    • I may have mistaken because his mother was the same
      as Mory Kante’s. So I guess he must be half Malien.
      Maybe I’m wrong .. I now tagged both ..

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