Henri Debs, Guy Alcindor, Paul Blamar
Ban Moin Tibôôô !!
Les Immortelles Chansons Antillaises
Disques DebS HDD 515

“The incredible succes obtained in the Carribean by first 2 volumes entitled ‘Immortal West Indian Songs’ appealed DebS Recordings to undertake issue of a third volume. Alike the previous ones, this 33 R.P.M., is a real tribute to fun; most … Continue reading

Les Vikings d’Haïti
Disques Debs 1973

On Disques Debs we find this album from 1973. Les Vikings d’Haïti are; Fritzner Delmont – Sax, Paul Levy – Vocals, Weiner Destin and Edgard Sylva – Chorus, Auguste Felix – Solo Guitar, Anthony Charles – Rhythm Guitar, Wilner Felix … Continue reading