Les Kamale,Sonafric 50.087, 1979

To spoil you all a bit more, this album by Les Kamale. Their vocal harmonies are breathtaking, with the great Nyboma. Les Kamale rock tres doucement, doucement, doucement. tracks; 1 Anifa pt.1 2 Anifa pt.2 3 Miyeleke pt.1 4 Miyeleke … Continue reading

Nyboma – Doublé Doublé, Celluloid 1982

From Congo ( Zaire in those days ) this is Nyboma, who shared his membership of the African All Stars with Sam Mangwana. Before that, he participated in groups like ‘Les Kamalés’, ‘L’Orchestre National du Zaire’ and ‘L’Orchestre Lipua Lipua’. … Continue reading