Nigerian Week, day 4
Alhaji Professor Kollington Ayinla (G.O.H. A.F.C.E. G.C.A.)
The Akeweje Adinni of Lagos State by the U.M.C. of Nigeria
and his Fuji ’78 Organisation – Nigeria
EMI 1989

If we look at our fuji posts so far, we find some Kollington Ayinla, some Sikiru Ayinde Barrister, Salawa Abeni and Micky Adisa. Only fourteen records until now. Here’s another Kollington Ayinla for the occasion of our Nigerian Week, I’ll … Continue reading

Etsako(r), Afenmai Theme Week, day 4
Professor Adomagbo Irene and his
Weppa-Wanno Dance Band of
Agenebode Etsakor Local Government
Bendel State – Alhaji & Alhaja Y. Okponi
Coconut 1982

From Agenebode, the centre of Etsakor territory, we find this album which is in pretty good condition. It is volume 7 of Professor Adomagbo Irene’s Weppa-Wanno Dance Band. Decent sound. The professor is more of a speaker than singer, something … Continue reading