Los Corraleros de Majagual – Self Titled
Discos Fuentes 1962

Under direction of the great Michi Sarmiento, the son of
Climaco Sarmiento, Los Corraleros de Majagual made their
second album in 1962. With Eliseo Herrera, Calixto Ochoa,
César Castro, Lucho Argain and Alfredo Gutierrez. Only
wonderful tunes on this old slice of vinyl, do not miss ..

01 – El molinillo
02 – La maluca
03 – Corazon abandonado
04 – Cumbia sambranera
05 – Mirian sofia
06 – Porro sabroso
07 – El pavito
08 – Jajaito cariñoso
09 – La butifarra
10 – Ya cayo
11 – Majaguelera
12 – Palenque candela


Los Corraleros de Majagual – “Síguela, Síguela”
Discos Fuentes 1967 (1977)

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That ‘Los Corraleros de Majagual’ album of yesterday alone
was already downloaded hundreds of times. I guess it is time
to catch up with some of their older records. I’ve got a bunch
of them waiting, let’s see ..
This one is from 1967 and contains some of their greatest
songs ever. A few of them have appeared here on earlier
occasions but we also find songs that we didn’t have yet.
Tropical de Colombia like Paseaíto, Pompo, Pasaje,
Charanga, Son and Bolero, enjoy listening ..

In 1977 the album was re-released. On this re-issue two
songs were replaced. ‘Hay que gozar’ and ‘Mejor que te vayas’
were replaced by ‘Sarita’ and ‘La minifalda’. I have added Sarita
as bonustrack. ( see other picture, also in the file)

With Eliseo Herrera, Lisandro Mesa, Julio Erazo,
Calixto Ochoa, César Castro & Tony Zuñiga ..

Síguela, Síguela (1967)
Síguela, Síguela (1977)

01 – La yerbita
02 – Síguela, síguela
03 – Hace un mes
04 – Ritmo de juventud
05 – El mechón
06 – Estás picao
07 – La burrita de eliseo
08 – Yo no la suelto
09 – El conjunto loco
10 – Hay que gozar
11 – Mejor que te vayas
12 – El arroyito

bonus track;

13 – Sarita


Los Corraleros de Majagual – Titiguay
Discos Fuentes 1965

From the band, in which so many famous Colombian artists
started their career, we find this 1965 album. With singers
Eliseo Herrera, Calixto Ochoa and César Castro. Being 55 yrs.
of age it sounds a little dusty. It is a historic record though,
one that every collector of Colombian music should posess.
Straight party sound from the vaults of Discos Fuentes ..

The album ‘Ritmo de Colombia’ is GG’s fifth
most downloaded record untill today ..

76 1975
Nuevo Tumbao 1969
Los Legendarios y Autenticos ..
Ritmo de Colombia 1968
Cumbia Corralera 1976
¡ Nos Fuimos ! 1975
All records that contain Corraleros at the GG

01 – El titiguay
02 – Nombre querendon
03 – Matilde visbal
04 – Mosaico no.7
05 – La arrugada
06 – Como quieras
07 – Picalo garrochero
08 – El monte
09 – Cheveron
10 – La torada
11 – Rio san jorge
12 – La bizca


Jimmy Riley – Rydim Driven
Taxi Productions / Island Records 1981

Among the numerous Sly and Robbie productions we
find this 1981 album with singer Jimmy Riley. Been
playing it a whole lot of times in those days. Only just
took it from the shelf after so many years. Still great
to hear, typical Taxi sound with the rhythm twins.
Also starring; Rad Bryan, Mikey Chung, Sky Juice,
Robert Lyn, Ossie Hibbert, Ansel Collins, Tamlins,
Dean Frazer, Clive Hunt, Chico & Nambo. Don’t
you just love that frontsleeve .. ? It’s been
hidden in the GG’s header for many years.

01 – Love and devotion
02 – My woman’s love
03 – I wish it would rain
04 – Everybody needs somebody to love
05 – You’ll lose a precious love
06 – Give me your love
07 – I’m gonna make you love me
08 – I try
09 – Delicious
10 – The choking kind


Carla Thomas – Carla
Atlantic – 82340-2 (originally 1966)

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Ik zag een film waarin de begin tune van deze plaat voorkwam.
Direct de kast in gedoken om hem te rippen, wat een heerlijke
soulplaat. Ik kon niet onderdrukken hem met jullie te delen.
Down, deel en luister ernaar met veel plezier ..

I just saw a movie in which the opening song of this album passed
by. Dived into it straight away, what a delightful soul record it is.
I could not resist sharing it with you folks. I’d say
get it, spread it and listen with pleasure ..

01 – B-A-B-Y
02 – Red rooster
03 – Let me be good to you
04 – I got you, boy
05 – Medley, baby what you want me to do, for your love
06 – What have you got to offer me
07 – I’m so lonesome I could cry
08 – I fall to pieces
09 – You don’t have to say you love me
10 – Fate
11 – Looking back


Choc-Stars – Defao de Choc-Stars
Editions Kaluila 1988

From 1988 we find this album with the Choc-Stars. Defao,
Carlito and Debaba sing, the great Roxy Tchimpaka does
the wonderful guitar parts. I’m sure many of you will love
their music, we’ve seen various requests concerning these.
Get it and spread it the way you’re used to ..

Carnaval de Choc-Stars 1988
Ben Nyamabo 1989
Oka Polisson Chauffe 1990
Langa Langa Stars & Choc-Stars 1983
Premier Amour 1989
Akufa Lobi Akoni Moto 1986
Kelemani 1986
Oko Ndizo Mbongwana Emonani

01 – Chagrin-dimone
02 – Sans suite
03 – Bebula adieu
04 – Kitoko momument (clesh)
05 – Mora ndombe


Biyolo le Grand dans Salubrité
Editions des Beaux-Arts
D.B.A. 0100-85, F.P. 77040

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De plaat van vandaag is een tikkeltje obscuur. Over Biyolo le Grand
kan ik niets vinden. Wel vinden we dat saxofonist Paul Mayitezo
ooit iets met Les Bantous des capitale heeft gedaan en ook bij
Verckys. Met percussionist Vicka Petelo vinden we een filmpje
op Youtube. Mix is gedaan door Martin Bakala die tevens op
albums met Mayaula Mayoni, Rochereau en Docteur Nico
heeft gewerkt, opgenomen bij I.A.D. Ook opgenomen bij
studio I.A.D. in Brazzaville is dit een aardig maar enigszins
mysterieus album.

Today’s record is a bit obscure. About Biyolo le Grand I can’t seem
to find anything. What I did find was that Saxophone player Paul
Mayitezo worked with Les Bantous de la Capitale and also with
Verckys. On Youtube we find something with percussionist Vicka
Petelo and engineer Martin Bakala from studio I.A.D. also worked
on albums with Mayaula Mayoni, Rochereau and Docteur Nico.
Also recorded at studio I.A.D. this a nice but
somewhat mysterious record ..

01 – Mbongolo
02 – Salubrité
03 – Yindoula
04 – Bomovo-oyo


l’Orchestre Stukas de Lita Bembo
Benson Record BEN 004, 1983

This album by l’Orchestre Stukas of Lita Bembo was shared
with us by Nick Beddow. A record we didn’t see so far from
1983. Every elpee with Stukas is pure pleasure to listen to.
Thank you very much for sharing Nick, we’ll pass it on to the
rest of the world. I’d say, get it, spread it and listen ..

P.S. This is a file type different from what we’re used to have.
Downloading can take a little longer, if it works ..

Don Dass vol. 3 1985
..en Concert a Kishasa 1982
Afro Rythmes présente ..
l’Afrique Danse 360.131 1979
l’Afrique Danse 360.130 1979
Franco présente Lita Bembo Nkolo Kwanga
l’Afrique Danse 360.122 1978

01 – Jeune wangata
02 – Kaba santer
03 – Cherie-konga
04 – Yefole


Bestman Doupere & his Coastal Pioneer
Dance Band of Nigeria
Felix Record FRLP 16

Some more Nigerian highlife today with Bestman Doupere
and his Coasta Pioneer Dance Band of Nigeria. A mouthful
of name. Just two songs, one per side. It is mellow and easy
going, so easy they forgot a letter ‘l’ in the sleeve name.
One way or the other, solid listening with Bestman Doupere ..

Enama La-Ye Pa 1988

01 – Amene yerin kenimiwerimi
02 – Abakumor


Les Vikings d’Haïti – An Allé Ti Fi
Mini Records / Sonovox 1973

We saw them on a few earlier occasions, this group of
topnotch musicians called Les Vikings d’Haïti. This 1973
album contains strictly beauty’s. Mainly instrumentals
but very enjoyable. Composers Fritzner Delmont, Levy
Paul, Wilner Felix and Weiner Destin made these 10
great tracks on Mini Records in sweet atmosphere ..

Apré Bal La 1975
Les Vikings d’Haïti 1973
Ce Pas magie 1972

01 – Ti roro
02 – Reve d’espoir
03 – Crase marinade
04 – An allé ti fi
05 – Recherche des étoiles
06 – Printemps
07 – Passion
08 – Pou paye dollar ou
09 – Tromperie
10 – Amour perdu


Gertrudis Bonilla – Yo Soy El Currulao
El Son Del Pueblo, Juajui Records 0685

Gertrudis Bonilla is here once more with this album of which we
don’t know a year of release. The main style performed is Currulao
but it also contains Son, Guaracha, Folklore and Parranda. Finally we
find some marimba, this will please our blogfriend Alexsam. Sound-
quality could have been better, get and spread anyhow ..

I’ve added a video which contains some fake footage,
you hear trumpet and see clarinet, anyway, nice to see
Gertrudis Bonilla perform ..

Gertrudis Bonilla is hier nogmaals met deze plaat waarvan we helaas
geen jaartal van uitgifte vinden. We horen voornamelijk Currulao maar
ook Son, Guaracha, Folklore en Parranda. Eindelijk eens een paar nummers
met marimba, dit zal blog vriend Alexsam een plezier doen. De geluids kwa-
liteit had beter gekund. Down, deel, luister en beoordeel zelf ..

Ik heb een video toegevoegd waarin enkele fake beelden,
je hoort trompet maar ziet clarinet, toch leuk om Gertrudis
Bonilla te zien zingen ..

Mejor Que Nunca 1982
Wiki on the Music of Colombia

01 – Buenaventura en puja
02 – José maria en el platanal
03 – Palo y cuzuca
04 – Soy el currulao
05 – Parranda a lo trasnochao
06 – Por comelon de tapao
07 – La canoa ranchara
08 – Desden


Kio Jimenez y su Orquesta – Tempo Dominicano
Discos Vicar VLP-030

Let’s have us some merengue tipico with the great Orquesta
of Kio Jimenez. Not very much information is to be found on
the world wide web. We’ll have to settle for the music and
what the sleeve tells us. The album we have here is probably
from the eighties if I was to guess. If one of you knows
more about the topic, please share .. For now,
get it , spread it and listen ..

Laten we nog eens wat merengue tipico luisteren vandaag.
Dit is Kio Jimenez en zijn Orquesta. Er valt niet bar veel over
hem te vinden op het web. We zullen het moeten doen met
de muziek en wat de hoes ons vertelt. Als ik gok zeg ik dat dit
een album uit de jaren tachtig is. Als een van jullie het weet,
deel het dan s.v.p. Voor nu, down, deel en
luister naar Kio Jimenez ..

01 – El pelao
02 – Una aventura mas
03 – El planton
04 – Vete de mi
05 – Mi canto
06 – Doña roberta
07 – El almanaque
08 – Las mujeres
09 – No te olvidare
10 – Nuestro merengue