Os Tubarões – Pépé Lopi
Os Tubarões 1976

Good morning, a group about which we only find some
summary information is this one from the Cape Verdean
Islands. Funny thing is that I found it in Lisbon, Portugal,
but discovered it was recorded in my hometown, Hilversum
in the Netherlands. One way or the other Os Tubarões (the
Sharks) played various styles from ‘Cabo Verde’, funaná,
tabanka, morna and coladera. This is their first album
from 1976. Listen to the mellow music of Os Tubarões ..

Goeiemorgen, een groep over wie we slechts wat summiere
informatie vinden is deze uit de Kaap Verdische eilanden.
Grappig is dat ik de plaat heb gevonden in Lissabon, Portugal,
maar ontdekte dat hij is opgenomen in mijn thuisplaats
Hilversum. Hoe dan ook, Os Tubarões (de Haaien) speelden
diverse stijlen uit Kaap verdië, funaná, tabanka, morna en
coladera. Dit is hun eerste album uit 1976. Luister naar
de relaxte muziek van Os Tubarões ..


01 – Labanta braço
02 – Vent d’sueste
03 – Lutchinha
04 – Cabral ca mori
05 – Alto cutelo
06 – Pépé lopi
07 – Panhal na toc
08 – Stranger é um ilusão
09 – Saragaça
10 – Stela negra


Voz de Cabo Verde – Partida
Edição de Casa Silva 1967

Cape Verdean band founded in Rotterdam, Netherlands in 1966. Their
repertoire included Cape Verdean music such as the coladera and morna,
American and European pop and rock, as well as Colombian cumbia,
Dominican merengue, and Cuban guaracha. The original members were
Luis Morais (Saxophone & Clarinet), Morgadinho (Trumpet, Vocals, Bass),
Frank Cavaquinho (Drums), Jean Da Lomba (Bass Guitar), and Toy Ramos
(Guitar). They were later joined by the singer Diosinha and organist Chico
Serra in 1968. The original band split up in 1970 after a second tour in Angola.
Some of the members immigrated to the United States and France. In Portugal
the group Voz De Cabo Verde carried on in name, but with different members,
recording several albums throughout the 1970s, but
with a completely different sound. (Discogs)


Conjunto Evolução Africa, Muangolé-1
Bana, Rotcha-Nú 1969

01 – Di porque
02 – Gaita bien gastena
03 – Partida
04 – Nem eu
05 – Una lagrima sol viso
06 – Love is like a violin
07 – Limonada
08 – Dulcinha
09 – En la inmensidad
10 – Plazos traicioneros


Elza Soares – O Máximo em Samba
Odeon 1967

Elza Gomes da Conceição overleed afgelopen donderdag op 91
jarige leeftijd. Elza Soares leed een lang en veelbewogen
leven. Op haar 12de werd zij door haar vader uitgehuwelijkt.
Op haar 13de kreeg ze haar eerste kind en op haar 15de had ze
er al twee verloren. Op 21 jarige leeftijd werd ze weduwe met
vijf kinderen. In 1962 ontmoette ze Garrincha, de beroemde
voetballer die samen met Pelé twee maal wereldkampioen werd.
Ze trouwden in 1966. Het huwelijk duurde tot 1982 toen ze hem
na de zoveelste geweldsuitbarsting verliet. Garrincha was
alcolholist en ging graag vreemd. Hij overleed op de zelfde
datum als Elza, 39 jaar eerder. In Brazilië is drie dagen
van rouw afgekondigd wegens Elza’s dood. Lees haar Nederlandse
en Engelse Wikipedia pagina’s, kijk haar video’s op Youtube en
luister naar haar muziek. Ik heb een paar albums van de grote
ZecaLouro en zijn Loronix blog gere-upload en deze
zelf geript van elpee. R.I.P. Elza Soares ..

Last thursday the Queen of Samba, Elza Gomes da Conceição,
died age 91. Elza Soares had a long and intense life. She was
12 years when her father forced her to marry Lourdes Antônio
Soares who’s name she kept using her entire life. Age 13 she had
her first child, age 15 she had already lost two children. When Elza
was 21 her husband died of tuberculosis and left her being a widow
with five children. In 1962 Elza met ‘Garrincha’, the famous soccer
player who, together with Pelé, became world champion two times.
They got married in 1966. Their marriage lasted until 1982 when she
left him after him being violent. Garrincha was an alcoholic and loved
to go out with other women. He died on the same date, 39 years earlier.
The whole of Brazil has been morning for three days after Elza died.
Read her Wikipedia page, watch her video’s on Youtube and listen
to her music. I have re-up-loaded a couple of her albums that were
first posted on Loronix of the great ZecaLouro and I ripped this one
from an elpee. R.I.P. Elza Soares ..

Born 23 June 1930
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Died 20 January 2022 (aged 91)
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Wiki, English
Wiki, Nederlands
the Guardian
Museu Mazzaropi

Nos Braços do Samba 1975


Elza Soares – A Bossa Negra
Odeon 1961

01 – Tenha Pena de Mim (Ai, Ai, Meu Deus)
02 – Boato
03 – Fala baixinho
04 – Marambaia
05 – O samba está com tudo
06 – Cadeira vazia
07 – Perdão
08 – Beija me
09 – O bilhete
10 – O samba brasileiro
11 – As polegadas da mulata
12 – Eu quero é sorongar


Elza Soares – Se Acaso Você Chegasse
Odeon 1960

01 – Se acaso você chegasse
02 – Casa de turfista… Cavalo de pau
03 – Mulata assanhada
04 – Era bom
05 – Samba em Copa
06 – Dedo duro
07 – Teleco teco n2
08 – Contas
09 – Sal e Pimenta
10 – Cartão de visita
11 – Nego tú… Nego vós… Nego você
12 – Não quero mais


Noel Rosa por
Aracy de Almeida e Mário Reis
Revivendo 1993

For the lovers of old samba we’ve got this collector of Noel
Rosa songs by two great singers, Aracy de Almeida and Mário
Reis. Take a look at the posts we had before concerning these
artists. Noel Rosa’s work keeps fascinating many of us ..

Aracy de Almeida, Wikipedia
Aracy de Almeida, Discogs
Mário Reis, Wikipedia
Mário Reis, Discogs

Aracy 1988
Samba é Aracy de Almeida 1966
Aracy de Almeida, Chave de Ouro 1968
Noel Rosa na Voz de Araci de Almeida 1968
Noel Rosa pela Segunda Vez
Noel Rosa, Historia da MPB 1970
Noel Rosa, São Coisas Nossas
Noel Rosa, Nova Historia da MPB 1977

01 – Mário Reis – Mulato bamba
02 – Aracy de Almeida – Triste cuíca
03 – Mário Reis – Esquina da vida
04 – Aracy de Almeida – Cansei de pedir
05 – Mário Reis – Mentir
06 – Aracy de Almeida – X do problema
07 – Mário Reis – Vai haver barulho no chatô
08 – Aracy de Almeida – Ei sei sofrer
09 – Mário Reis – Prazer em conhecê lo
10 – Aracy de Almeida – Amor de parceira
11 – Mário Reis – Filosofia
12 – Aracy de Almeida – Último desejo
13 – Mário Reis – Vejo amanhecer
14 – Aracy de Almeida – O maior castigo que eu te dou
15 – Mário Reis – Meu barracão
16 – Aracy de Almeida – Século do progresso
17 – Mário Reis – Capricho de rapaz solteiro
18 – Aracy de Almeida – Rapaz folgado


Adoniran Barbosa – Self Titled
Odeon 1975/2006

Adoniran Barbosa’s real name was João Rubinato, he was a descendent
of Italian immigrants in São Paulo, Brazil. Adoniran was interpreter of so
called Samba Paulistano and wrote his songs mainly for the poor Italians
from the São Paulo quarters ‘Bexiga’ and ‘Brás’. He used their wrong
Portuguese on purpose. One of his biggest hits was ‘Trem das Onze’.
You may find it on ‘Demônios da Garoa, Trem das Onze’ below.
This record was originally from 1975, this is the 2006 cd release ..


Adoniran Barbosa, Adoniran Barbosa
Historia da Popular Brasileira 1972
Os Velhos Sambistas
Demônios da Garoa, Trem das Onze 1964

01 – No morro da casa verde
02 – Vide verso meu endereço
03 – Tocar na banda
04 – Malvina
05 – Não quero entrar
06 – Samba italiano
07 – Uma simples margarida (samba do metro)
08 – Mulher, patrão e cachaça
09 – Pafunça
10 – Samba do arnesto
11 – Conselho de mulher
12 – Joga achave


The Top Stars Band of Rivers State
led by A.S. Esedue – Moroyei
Pat-Tam Records 1984

From 1984 and on Pat-Tam Records we find this quite obscure
album with the Top Stars Band of Rivers State, led by A.S. Esedue.
Part from the music itself there’s no interesting information I can
give you about this band. If you can tell us something,
please be my guest ..


kemeweri Kon Senma

01 – Moroyei
02 – Pereotu
03 – Late rose


Hugh Mundell – Jah Fire
with Lacksley Castell
Live and Love 1980

This short album with only eight songs is credited to Hugh
Mundell while it should in fact be on the name of both Hugh
Mundell and Lacksley Castell. Also see previous post ..

Dit korte album met slechts acht nummers wordt toegeschreven
aan Hugh Mundell terwijl het feitelijk een plaat is met Zowel
Hugh Mundell als Lacksley Castell. Zie ook de vorige post ..


01 – Lacksley Castell – Be my princess lady
02 – Hugh Mundell – Jah fire
03 – Hugh Mundell – Walk with jah
04 – Hugh Mundell – King of israel
05 – Lackskey Castell – Million miles
06 – Lacksley Castell & Hugh Mundell – My woman can
07 – Lacksley Castell – You over there
08 – Lacksley Castell – Black sheep


Lacksley Castell – Princess Lady
Negus Roots 1983

His album ‘Morning glory’ is on number 15 in our download
list, 15 of over 3000 posts is a huge score. Today we have his
second and last solo album ‘Princess Lady’. He made one other
record with Hugh Mundell called ‘Jah Fire’, we’ll have that one
soon. Both singers died an untimely death, way too young.
Lacksley Castell died after being sick, age 24. Hugh Mundell was
shot during an assault while sitting in his car with his wife and
Junior Reid in the backseat. Reid survived the assault. Mundell
was only 21 years old. Both singers and close friends died late
1983, Mundell in October and Castell in November, both
singers had a promising career ahead, what a loss ..

Zijn album ‘Morning Glory’ staat op nummer 15 in onze download
lijst. Nummer 15 van meer dan 3000 posts is een geweldige score.
Vandaag hebben we zijn tweede en laatste solo album genaamd
‘Princess Lady’. Hij maakte nog één andere plaat samen met Hugh
Mundell genaamd ‘Jah Fire’, die hebben we voor later deze week gepland.
Beide zangers stierven zeer vroegtijdig, veel en veel te jong. Lacksley
Castell na een ziekbed, 24 jaar oud. Hugh Mundell werd tijdens een
overval dood geschoten terwijl hij in z’n auto zat met zijn vrouw en
Junior Reid op de achterbank. Reid overleefde de overval. Mundell
was slechts 21 jaar oud. Beide zangers en goede vrienden stierven
eind 1983, Mundell in Oktober en Castell in November, beiden
hadden een veel belovende carrière voor de boeg,
een groot verlies ..

Lacksley Castell, Wikipedia
Lacksley Castell, Discogs

Hugh Mundell, Wikipedia
Hugh Mundell, Discogs

Lacklsey Castell, Morning Glory 1982
Hugh Mundell, Africa Must Be Free By 1983 1978
Hugh Mundell, Blackman’s Foundation 1983
Augustus Pablo, East of the River Nile 1978

01 – Genie in a jar
02 – Johnny brown
03 – Guiding light
04 – Unkind to myself
05 – Old dusty clothes
06 – Untrue love
07 – Wicked man
08 – This girl & me
09 – Black sheep
10 – Princess lady


Cuco Valoy & Los Virtuosos
Sonero y Merenguero
Kubaney 1983

We zagen Cuco Valoy al meerdere malen. Hij begon met zijn broer
Martin Los Ahijados. We hadden al een aantal van hun albums. Later
begon hij met zijn zoon Ramón Orlando de groep Los Virtuosos. Ook
in die hoedanigheid zagen we hem meerdere malen. Cuco komt van
de Dominicaanse Republiek en is thuis in de merengue, son montuno,
salsa en guaracha. Hij speelt percussie, gitaar en is zanger. Hij is
bekend als schrijver van de hit ‘Juliana’ ..

We have seen Cuco Valoy on multiple occasions. He started his career
with his brother Martin and Los Ahijados. We had a number of their
albums. Later he started Los Virtuosos with his son Ramón Orlando.
We also had several records of him in that capacity. Cuco comes
from the Dominican Republic and specialised in merengue, son
montuno, salsa and guaracha. He is percussionist, guitarist and
singer. He is widely known for the song ‘Juliana’ ..


Duo Los Ahijados, vol. 5
Duo Los Ahijados, de Nuevo 1976
Duo Los Ahijados
Duo Los Ahijados, Kikiribu Mandinga 1970
Duo Los Ahijados, El Borracho 1970
Duo Los Ahijados, Sones Montunos vol. 2 1981
Los Virtuosos, Lo Mejor de Cuco Valoy 1982
Los Virtuosos, El Brujo 1976
Los Virtuosos, No Me Empuje 1975
Los Virtuosos, Salsa con Coco 1978

01 – Para todo da
02 – El velorio de chencho
03 – La ley
04 – El señor
05 – Me olvide de ti
06 – Historia del sueño
07 – La vieja
08 – Estoy solo


Honourable Vincent Ugabi
& his Weppa Wenno Band
Oyoyo no.1
EMI NEMI (LP) 0496

Take a look at this page ;
Ugabi Dance Band


Looking at Vincent Ugabi’s discography on Discogs we find only
a few records. Discogs clearly has some catching up to do. We
were lucky enough to find some earlier and recently we found
this here elpee. I could not discover a year of release but okay,
listening to it makes up for that hiatus. Get it and spread it ..

Ikpacka Tha…
Vbanogbomeh no.1
Weppa Wanno Sound vol. 5 1981
Agenebode 1982
Weppa Wanno Sound vol. 2 1980
Weppa Wanno Sound 1979
All Etsakor Highlife

01 – Iyuhemhe akpachi
02 – Etsomi ne, ine etsomi
03 – Osimhele lumhe
04 – Okpa mhenokhe bi


Alfredo Gutiérrez – Congo de Oro 1980
Los Exitos de Alfredo Gutiérrez
Alhambra Records 1980

Until the present day we only had some five of his records.
About time to post a couple from the pile Alfredo Gutierrez
albums we have on the shelf. This is an elpee from 1980 on
which we find ten songs credited to Alfredo. He didn’t write
all of them and doesn’t sing on all of them so I guess he plays
on all of them. One way or the other, these are 10 wonderful
tracks. Dated 1965, 1966, 1967 and 1968, absolute killers ..

Tot de dag van vandaag hadden we er slechts zo’n vijf van hem.
Hoog tijd om er nog een paar te posten van de stapel Alfredo
Gutierrez platen die op de plank staat. Dit is een album uit 1980
waarop we tien songs vinden die op zijn naam staan. Hij schreef
ze niet allemaal en hij zingt niet op allemaal, ik ga ervan uit dat
hij ze allemaal speelt. Hoe dan ook, dit zijn 10 heel sterke
nummers. Gedateerd 1965, 1966, 1967 en 1968,
stuk voor stuk killers ..


with Los Caporales del Magdalena
Alegre Festival
Camino Agreste 1974
with nacho Paredes, Cumbias de Oro 1976
La Cañaguatera
Los Corraleros de Majagual 1962
Los Caporales del Magdalena, Exitos de Corraleja
Cumbias con Acordeon desde Colombia vol. 7
Pacho Rada, Sipote Luto, watch the movie
Los Corraleros de Majagual, Cumbia Corralera 1976

01 – Ojos bellos
02 – Aguardiente con leche
03 – Quisera amarte menos
04 – Recuerdos de carmen (with Lucho Pérez)
05 – La manta colora
06 – Te llevare al festival
07 – Jurame
08 – La trompeta
09 – La banda borracha
10 – Los adolecentes