Lassissi presentsMonguito el Unico and his All Star Band -Algo Diferente, Sacodis 1980

According to the little survey I kept, it appears over 70% of our
visitors prefer to find African music and a good second with over 40%
is in for latin. Of the other styles I gave as an option 23% likes calypso,
26% digs reggae and only 15% can appreciate some samba.

From 1980 this is a classic album on Sacodis. Lassissi presents
Monguito el Unico and his All Star Band. Monguito has a unique voice
indeed, I even like his version of ‘Mi guajira’, a song recorded way too often.
Monguito is ‘algo diferente’, something else!


1 Con todo el corazon
2 Suavesito
3 Los problemas de pantaleon
4 Mi guajira
5 Vuela la paloma
6 Palo de caña