Honourable Vincent Ugabi
Dance Band Agenebode
Osaboh Nº1
Ebohon Records 1981

Etsakor highlife is gaining in popularity. My main contact
in finding this music has constant demand from countries
all over the world, especially Japan. We’re lucky to find yet
another album with Honourable Vincent Ugabi and his
Dance Band. ‘Osaboh Nº1’ is from 1981 and appears on
Ebohon Records from Benin City ..

Etsakor highlife platen worden steeds meer gezocht. De
man bij wie ik de muziek over het algemeen vind krijgt
wereldwijd vraag, voornamelijk uit Japan. We zijn hier
fortuinlijk en vinden vandaag deze met Honourable
Vincent Ugabi’s Dance Band. ‘Osaboh Nº1’ is uit 1981
en verschijnt op Ebohon Records uit Benin City ..


oyoyo Nº1
Ipakha Tha
Vbanogbomeh Nº1 1984
Weppa Wanno Sound vol. 5 1981
HVUDB of Agenebode 1982

01 – Chief ekhagba joe omo agba
02 – Atsaghu egbe osime
03 – Iyedemhe


Alhaji Waziri Osomah and his
Traditional Sound Makers
Message to my People
Shanu Olu Records 1986

When looking at Etsakor highlife and the field of artists
one person stands out like no other. Alhaji Waziri Oshomah
is here with this 1986 album on Shanu Olu Records. Waziri’s
wife Hassanah is present like on most of his records, sweet.

Als we de highlife uit Etsakor onder de loep nemen valt één
man het meest op. Alhaji Waziri Oshomah is hier met zijn
album ‘Message to My people’ op Shanu Olu Records uit
1986. Waziri’s vrouw Hassanah is ook weer van de partij.

All Titles

01 – Imhonigwemie (chief p.d. righi)
02 – Message to my people
03 – Amiakanya nosomhi (chief alh.a.umaru)
04 – Etsako waronayemare


Aibor Bello & his Aloagbaye
DES Records 1980

Today’s album concerns a rare Aibor Bello and his Aloagbaye.
The two records we had so far are to be found in Discogs’
discography, this one is not. It is from 1980 and appears
on DES Records. An awesome piece of Etsakor Highlife
for your weekend. Funny thing is that the ‘A’ and the
‘O’ are swithed in the title.
Enjoy listening ..

Vandaag hebben we een zeldzame plaat met Aibor Bello and
his Aloagbaye. De twee albums die tot nu toe zagen staan in
de discografie van Discogs, deze niet. Hij komt uit 1980 en
verscheen op DES Records. Een mooi stuk Etsakor highlife
voor je weekend. Vreemd dat de ‘A’ en de ‘O’ zijn
omgekeerd in de titel. Luister en huiver ..


Vol. 5
Vol. 7

01 – Alhaji Azukoremoroye
02 – Agbodhe keogeoya
03 – Baba yeremere
04 – Agbora uke erimi ruakere


Honourable Vincent Ugabi
& his Weppa Wenno Band
Oyoyo no.1
EMI NEMI (LP) 0496

Take a look at this page ;
Ugabi Dance Band


Looking at Vincent Ugabi’s discography on Discogs we find only
a few records. Discogs clearly has some catching up to do. We
were lucky enough to find some earlier and recently we found
this here elpee. I could not discover a year of release but okay,
listening to it makes up for that hiatus. Get it and spread it ..

Ikpacka Tha…
Vbanogbomeh no.1
Weppa Wanno Sound vol. 5 1981
Agenebode 1982
Weppa Wanno Sound vol. 2 1980
Weppa Wanno Sound 1979
All Etsakor Highlife

01 – Iyuhemhe akpachi
02 – Etsomi ne, ine etsomi
03 – Osimhele lumhe
04 – Okpa mhenokhe bi


Chief I.I. Ayeni – Ebako Alie
Iruobe Records 1985

Good morning, “What Chief I.I. Ayeni is trying to do is take
that basic African thing, twist it, refine it and change it into
something new. A traditional musician from Ora in Bendel
State, he composes and arranges all the material for his
albums. Whilst Chief Ayeni may feel his music is changing
only ‘step by step, bit by bit’ the contrast between his 1st
two albums is remarkable. The first traditional sound
musician in Afenmai in Bendel State. This new one
‘Ebako Alie’ is something else again, harder, hotter,
funkier, altogether more aggressive and very
personal blend of many West African styles,
with an added nod in the direction
of Africanism. ” (liner notes)

We are very lucky to have this rare Etsakor highlife album.
First, it is super rare and hard to find, Discogs doesn’t know
it as far as I could find. Second, yesterday I was on Utrecht’s
Mega Record and CD fair. For the first time after two years of
canceled fairs we were finally allowed to dig some crates again.
It was build up day for the traders and today the whole thing
is canceled due to Covid numbers again. A very sad day for all
traders and visitors. Everything ready to go and then a no go.
It feels unfair that I came home with a bag full of records,
one way or the other, let us listen with extra pleasure ..

We hebben enorm veel mazzel dat we deze zeldzame Etsakor highlife
plaat vandaag hebben. Ten 1e, hij is echt heel zeldzaam en zelfs
Discogs kent hem niet. 2e ding is, gisteren was ik op de opbouwdag
van de Platen en cd beurs in Utrecht. Voor het eerst in twee jaar
mochten we weer eens lekker ‘crate diggen’. ‘s Avonds nog besloot
de organisatie de beurs alsnog af te blazen wegens de hoog oplopende
Covid cijfers. Een heel trieste dag voor alle platendealers en bezoekers.
Alles klaar om te gaan en dan alsnog gecanceled. Het voelt oneerlijk
dat ik met een tas vol platen thuis kwam, maar ja, hoe dan ook,
laten we maar met extra veel plezier luisteren dan ..

Record Fair Canceled !


Ohua-Nugbese 1981

01 – Imi eken reuvba emi
—- Ikeke bogbi ‘keke evie
02 – Alake lovbi ozalla/Ebako alie


Aibor Bello and his Aloagbaye – Vol. 7
Ijebor Records 1979

When looking at our most scratchy and dusty records, we
can’t go around the Etsakor section. Many of these Nigerian
records have led an intense life in which they were played so
much it has left its traces. This is the second album we have with
Aibor Bello and his Aloagbaye. In fact it is not that scratchy.
Rare Etsakor stuff, listen ..

Als we dan toch kijken naar krakerige platen kunnen we niet
heen om de afdeling Etsakor Highlife. Veel van deze Nigeriaanse
platen hebben een intens bestaan gehad waarin ze veel gedraaid
zijn en dat heeft z’n sporen nagelaten. Dit is de tweede elpee
die we hebben met Aibor Bello en zijn Aloagbaye. Eigenlijk
is ie nog zo slecht niet, luister ..


Vol. 5 1977

01 – Oku nagbode osimile remeraye
—- Late pa bello iwafiabo, the dad of aibor bello
02 – Osime khaigbagbeme


Sir Waziri Oshomah & his Oyoyo Sound International
Conscience – Oyoyo Series IV
Supremedisk 1993

When most people think about the music of Nigeria, the first thing that
comes to mind is probably afrobeat, the darkly funky African jazz stew
popularized by bandleader Fela Kuti, himself a Yoruba from the southwestern
region of the country. Or perhaps they might mention other Yoruba musicians
such as King Sunny Ade and Ebenezer Obey, the twin pillars of the southwestern
juju style. Maybe their thoughts would glide more towards the eastern extreme
of the country, where Igbo highlife stars such as Stephen Osita Osadebe, read more ..


All Titles

01 – Emamie agbo
02 – Osigwe maha
03 – Conscience (udu)
04 – Oyoyo raggae (sweet banana)


Alhaji Waziri Oshomah and his Traditional
Sound Organisation – Agbo “Knock Out 86”
Shanu Olu Records 1985

When most people think about the music of Nigeria, the first thing that comes
to mind is probably afrobeat, the darkly funky African jazz stew popularized by
bandleader Fela Kuti, himself a Yoruba from the southwestern region of the country.
Or perhaps they might mention other Yoruba musicians such as King Sunny Ade
and Ebenezer Obey, the twin pillars of the southwestern juju style. Maybe their
thoughts would glide more towards the eastern extreme of the country, where Igbo
highlife stars such as Stephen Osita Osadebe, the Oriental Brothers and Oliver de Coque
have made a mark upon the arena. More imaginative thinkers might look
northwards to cite Hausa and Fulani griots like Dan Maraya Jos, Alhaji Mamman
Shata and Alhaji Musa Dankwairo. It is rare though, that the spotlight is leveled
towards the mid-western region of the region of the country, the territory encom-
passing the modern-day Nigerian states of Edo and Delta. Edo in particular boasts
of a wealth of musical traditions that is both deep and broad, yet shamefully under-
explored; and among this assortment of musical traditions, one of the richest is the
music of the Afemai, or Etsako people. And in the field of Afemai music, the
undefeated champ is Alhaji Waziri Oshomah. (read more at Superfly Records)

All titles

01 – Agbo-oshiomare
02 – Era-iyo-joe agbedo
03 – Omonolegba-chief aruna osumah
04 – Okpa-eva doherty agbi


Madam Hassanah Waziri – Self Titled
Shanu Olu Records 1985

Completing her discography today this is the fourth album
we have with Sir Waziri Oshomah’s wife Hassanah. It is her
third record from 1985, find the other three below. Sir Waziri
is also present doing some background vocals. Listen ..

Vandaag completeren we de discografie van Sir Waziri Osho-
mah’s vrouw Hassanah. De vierde hier op de GG maar haar
derde uit 1985. Vind de andere drie hieronder. Sir Waziri is
ook van de partij als achtergrond zanger. Luister ..

Madam Hassanah Waziri & her Velvet Voice vol. 1 1983
Madam Hassanah Waziri & her Velvet Voice vol. 2 1984
Alhaja Hassanah Waziri, Oghene Iruduna 1986


Alhaji Sir Waziri Oshomah & the Traditional
Sound Makers – Volume 4
Shanu Olu Records 1982

The records of Sir Waziri Oshomah came in a variation of subtle
name differences. This is the only one I’ve seen in which is spoken
of ‘THE’ Traditional Sound Makers and not ‘HIS’. It is from 1982
and has this nice sleeve with the four boys on the hood of his
Mercedes. At least one of them is taking it very serious.
Enjoy volume 4 on Shanu Olu Records ..

De platen van Sir Waziri Oshomah bestaan in een variatie aan
subtiele naam verschillen. Dit is de enige die ik heb gezien op
welke wordt gesproken van ‘THE’ Traditional Sound Makers
en niet ‘HIS’. Hij is uit 1982 en heeft deze fraaie hoes met
de vier jochies op de motorkap van z’n Mercedes. In elk
geval één van hen neemt dit heel serieus. Luister
naar volume 4 op Shanu Olu Records ..


01 – Iyere: mecca london
02 – Chief joe omo agba
—- Chief mike odidi
03 – Imirunolu agizoane
04 – Hungry man osamiogbewa


The Young Talents of Etsako
Bowo 1977

Hello folks, how are you today ? Fancy some more
obscurity from Nigeria ? How about this record with
the Young Talents of Etsako, as usual it has a little
crackle and such. Only information the album gives
is their group name and the titles. No idea who the
young talents are. Discogs doesn’t know them and
it seems ungooglable so to speak. If you know more,
please enlighten us. for now, just listen ..

Goeiemorgen mensen, wat dachten jullie van deze
rariteit ? Het betreft nog zo’n zeldzame plaat in de
Etsakor sectie. The Young Talents of Etsako heten ze
en zijn online niet te vinden. Discogs heeft nog nooit
van ze gehoord en ook op de plaat zelf staat niets over
wie ze zijn. Slechts de bandnaam en de titels. Als jij iets
weet, vertel het ons dan ook .. voor nu, luisteren maar ..

01 – omoaseba
02 – Ranayemere
03 – Oje-je
04 – Obenemoye
05 – Oshokenoya
06 – Oamen-ho-oa


Asi Balewa and his Etsakor Sound
Alhaji Abu Ali, Patogua Records 1982

As I promised you yesterday, today we’ve got an album with
Asi Balewa. Another Etsakor Highlife artist and one we didn’t
see before. I can’t tell you anything about him so let’s just
listen. Get it and spread it as usual ..


01 – Alhaji abu ali
02 – Late alhaji kashetu usman
03 – Odo bithekhayame ugheoreye


Sir Waziri Oshomah and his Traditional
Sound Makers – WAPS 403, Decca 1977

click on it

From 1977 we find another album with Sir Waziri Oshomah.
When I took the sleeve to photograph it sometning fell
out on the floor. What a surprise, it was the original
invoice from the 1978 purchase. It was once bought
in A.B & Bros. Electronic Store, 34 Polytechnic Road in Auchi.
The cost of an album like this was 6 Naira. Nowadays 1000
Naira is worth € 2,-. Also purchased was 1 Etsakor vol. 2
and 1 Asi Balewa, I’ll post one of his records tomorrow.
Really funny extra with this record. It makes
listening to it even more special ..

Uit 1977 komt het album met Sir Waziri Oshomah dat we vandaag
hebben. Toen ik de hoes op z’n kant hield viel er iets uit.
Wat schetste m’n verbazing, het was de originele aankoopnota
uit 1978. De plaat is ooit aangekocht bij A.B. & Bros.
Electronic Store, 34 Polytechnic Road in Auchi voor de
prijs van 6 Naira. Ter vergelijk, vandaag de dag is 1000 Naira
€ 2,-. Ook aangekocht werd 1 Etsakor vol. 2 en 1 Asi Balewa,
morgen zal ik van hem ook een plaat posten. Zeer grappige
extra die het beluisteren van deze elpee nog leuker maakt ..

01 – Ikwekiame nezimede emmanuel imhomoh
02 – Osimhe loremekia agbomenire (part II)
03 – Ugheorenimhe
04 – Oghenatseyo tseyo (part II)


Sir Waziri Oshomah and his Traditional Sound
Makers – Prince Agunu 2 Emokpaire
Ebohon Records 1981

Its sleeve has partly dissolved (left edge), the actual vinyl however
is in reasonable condition. Listening to this 1981 slice of
Sir Waziri Oshomah’s highlife is a pleasure.
Get it & spread it ..

01 – Ovbini omookeke alhaji inu-umoru
02 – Enakhe prince agunu 2 emokpaire
03 – Okhume ukhaduame
04 – Emoemi alhaji momoh umoru