Most Downloaded Albums at the Global Groove

I promised some visitors to post the most downloaded
records from the Global Groove at this current time.
Here is the top twenty, have fun exploring..

01 – Arsenio Rodriguez – primitivo
02 – Alton Ellis – Sunday Coming
03 – Verckys et l’Orchestre Vévé – Verckys à Paris
04 – Los Corraleros – Ritmo de Colombia
05 – Ases del Ritmo – Costa Brava vol.1
06 – Various Artists – Cumbias Solo Cumbias
07 – Freddie McGregor – Big Ship
08 – Jackie Mittoo – Macka Fat
09 – Les Quatres Etoiles – Quatres Vedettes
10 – John Chibadura – Kurera
11 – Baobab à Paris vol. 2
12 – Peregoyo – Mi Buenaventura
13 – Various Artists – Cumbias de Colombia
14 – King Floyd – Groove Me
15 – Lacksley Castell – Morning Glory
16 – Kanda Bongo Man – Afro Rythmes Présente
17 – The Latin Brothers – Te Rencontre
18 – les Leopards ( from april 20, 2015 )
19 – Various Artists – Mas Cumbias, Mas Gaitas
20 – Scientist – Heavyweight Dub Champion


Dear visitors,
I have just removed all Syllart productions from my blog.
Reason is the following message;

” Hi global groovers,

We see all those albums from our catalogue available on your site to be free downloaded !!!
It’s a real problem and it’s an illegal piracy of a catalogue for which you haven’t any rights or licenses.
So we officially ask to you to remove the download link for all album from syllart catalogue.
Without quick answer from your part, we give that topic to our lawyer in Paris.
we looking forward to hear you.

Julien Dayan
Syllart records
Label Manager ”

It was fun as long as it lasted,
no worries though, there are plenty of other posts left.
We must respect the business point of view of labels and artists.
If anyone has a problem with content of the Global Groove,
please let us know..


Off-Line Occurrence

Due to administration errors our beloved Global Groove has
been off line for about three days, shame. Glad to be back
today. Sorry for the inconvenience and welcome home..

Ik wist niet dat het kon gebeuren maar helaas, wegens een
administratieve fout ergens in serverland zijn we zo’n drie
dagen off line geweest. Sorry daarvoor en welkom thuis..

Mediafire suspended my account once more !

Dear visitors of the Global Groove,
Here we go again, for the second time Mediafire has suspended
my account and that leaves us empty-handed again. Again they
claim I have made available music with copyright protection, the files
they refer to are African Retro vol.3 and les Stars des Annees 50, both
very much out of print and unobtainable in any other way. Again I don’t
understand shit about this action. I find blogs that offer complete cd’s
that you can still buy in the regular cd-stores and they also use Mediafire
without problems. The party that reported my so called violation is one
from London and I strongly suspect the same ones that f***ed us before.
They just can’t stand it that I bring complete albums for free, eventhough they
are absolutely not available elsewhere. So what can I say or do ?
I guess nothing. When I try to get a response, Mediafire does not
give me any relevant information, it is impossible to get them to give
me a personal answer. Only automatically generated mails that speak
of things like I have published pornographic content and so on.
Dear groovers, I am so very sorry to let you down once more !

So what next ?
It is summertime, the weather is high and I am not letting this spoil
my good mood. I guess it is time for something else for at least a
while. .

I know that lots of you loyal visitors still have the files we lost and many
of you are willing to help in some way. However, I’m not sure I want to
continue the way I did before. Maybe all this is meant to open my eyes
and make me realize I should change methods and do things different.
I’m gonna need some time to contemplate on this….

African Dance Party,Café ‘t Wapen van Hilversum

africa poster

Dear visitor, if you are living somewhere near my hometown,
this party might be an option to fill your fridaynight next week.
I shall be playing an African Dance Party on friday 28 of August.
Hilversum is the Netherland’s Radio & TV town and Hilversum On-Air
is a yearly event. On several stages in the centre, live performances
take place for three nights. 28, 29 and 30 of august this year.
I shall be deejaying in a local bar, no big stage but behind an open
window, with an improvised dancefloor outside. Let’s hope the weather
will be good. The party will take place at Café ‘t Wapen van Hilversum,
Groest 27, 1211 CZ, Hilversum. It is in the middle
of the centre of my little town, very easy to find.
You can expect Soukous, Highlife, Chimurenga, Zulu Jive, Juju, Mbalax,
Rumba and other dance music from the dark continent. Put on some colourfull
clothes, your dancing shoes and join us on this exeptional event, see you there.

l’Afrique Danse – Various Artists
african 360.002

l'Afrique Danse No 2, front

Good day groovers, this morning I wrote you a message
that was quite negative and after a while I started to
feel bad about it. I have thought it over and decided
to change it. So, from this day on only happy posts.
If a link gets blocked or a post removed, I will not
complain about it. I want to ask you to report dead
links to me and I shall simply remove them. This way
Global Groove can remain a place where you like to
come. No negative feelings, just good ones.
Sorry for using bad language and stay
tuned for happy messages.
Thanks for visiting the Global Groove.


We must keep our promises !


A few days ago I received a mail from Mr. Olivier Chastan of
‘Greensleeves Records and Publishing’.
He kindly asked me to remove 13 of my dearest reggae-albums.
As a collector of reggae and many other kinds of music,
I am very grateful for ‘Greensleeves’ to issue such great music.
Without them I wouldn’t have been able to learn so much about it.
Although I regret removing this fantastic music, I must be honest
and do so as I promised.

Groovers, go to the recordshop and ask for Greensleeves Records,
they release the coolest reggae on earth.

I hope you understand that I am just a collector,
the only goal is to let the world hear how great
all this music is. Ofcourse we don’t want to harm
anybody’s business.
Promotion of artists and labels is the idea,
I don’t know about you, but if I download an
album and I learn about artists that I didn’t know yet,
I go to the stores and try to find out more.

You should do so too !

Mr. Chastan’s letter is added below;

” Good morning –

I love your blog which brings a lot of rare and out of print titles
out of the dustbin of music’s history. However, I would appreciate
it if you could remove the following releases which are all readily
available at major record stores, on all digital platforms for
download and via Amazon. I spend a lot of money each year getting
these titles remastered from the original tapes, repackaged and
with expanded track selections, and of course marketing them. I
find it hard to understand why you post these titles when they
are easy to purchase. They are also available on vinyl if you like.
Thank you for your understanding.

Barrington Levy – Englishman

Lee Perry – Roast Fish, Collie Weed & Corn Bread (via our affiliate VP Records)
Linval Thompson – Stay A Little Bit Longer (will be reissued next year)
Yellowman & Fathead – Supermix (will be reissued later next year)
Hugh Mundell – Blackman’s Foundation
Barrington Levy – Teach Me Culture
Yellowman – Operation Radication (available on Reggae Anthology and other titles)
Dr. Alimantado – Best Dressed Chicken (it’s the first album in our catalog and one of our top seller – and you mispelled Alimantando)
Sister Nancy – One, Two
Scientist – Rids The World Of The Evil Curse (we are reissuing
all of Scientist’s albums in February 2009 and spent a LOT of money on those)
Scientist Encounters Pac-man
Augustus Pablo – Original Rockers


Olivier ”

I am sorry, but you also misspelled Alimantado…