Semana Cubana
Orquesta Revé, Elio Revé y su Charangon
Que Cuento es Ese … , Egrem / Areito 1988



This is another album with the late and great Elio Revé Matos.
His Changüí style is in fact an old form of son. It was long forgotten
until Elio Revé took it up and re-invented it so to speak. This 1988
record contains a few of his biggest hits, sweet rhythms and vocals
you don’t want to miss. Get it and spread it..

Hier hebben we nog zo’n fijne plaat met de ‘late & great’ Elio Revé
Matos. Zijn Changüí, salsa stijl is eigenlijk een lange tijd vergeten
vorm van de son die door Elio Revé is opgepakt en nieuw leven is
ingeblazen. Deze elpee uit 1988 bevat enkele van zijn grootste hits.
Heerlijke ritmes en vokalen, luister en huiver..

tracks ;

01 – tema changüí
02 – La gente no se puede aguantar
03 – Mas viejo que ayer, mas joven que mañana
04 – Que te importa a ti!
05 – Yo no quiero que seas celosa
06 – Aqui te traigo un merengue son
07 – Recuerdos de aquel solar
08 – Que cuento es ese!


Orquesta Revé – La Explosion del
Momento, Areito / Egrem 1987

Orquesta Reve, front

Orquesta Reve

Changüí is a kind of salsa invented by the great Elio Reve.
We hear him on this 1987 album which was taken from Cuba
by my good friend René, thanks again buddy. Elio Reve and
his Orquesta Reve were the only group that played in this
typical style, that is as far as I’m aware of. If you know any
other group that plays changüí, please let us know. Mean
time let’s listen and enjoy this album and the ones we
posted in the past (3), have fun doing so..


01 – Salgado
02 – No me cojan para eso
03 – Espero que pase el tiempo
04 – El palo de anon
05 – El ron pa’ despue’
06 – Injusta duda
07 – Ron pa ‘to’ el mundo
08 – Changüi clave


Abelardo Barroso y la Sensación -Bruca Maniguá, ARO 108

Abelardo Barroso, front

Abelardo Barroso y la Sensación were an institution
within the marvelous music of Cuba. In their days
this was a famous record and today it is pure history.
It goes for rediculous prices on the web so, take it
and listen to this rarity free of cost.


1 Bruca maniguá
2 El cangrejito
3 San Luisera
4 El fantasma del circo
5 Guajiras de hoy
6 La mulata canela
7 Suavecito
8 Changüi monte
9 Los tamalitos de Olga
10 Vacila con tu trago
11 Resabroso chachacha
12 Lo que la vida enseña


Orquesta Revé – El Ritmo Changüi

Orquesta Reve, front, cd size

Let’s forget about the vuvuzela’s and concentrate on music instead of football for now.
I first heard the music of Orquesta Revé through ‘La Explosion del Momento!’.
( small picture )
It was released in 1989 on Peter Gabriel’s Realworld label. Changüi is a form
of ‘Cuban son’, and was played only in the eastern parts of Cuba. I quote the
late Elio Revé, founder of this group and the one who re-invented changüi. “I play
son-changüi: they call me the father of changüi – although changüi has been around
far longer than I have. Changüi is a very old and traditional form…The son left the
eastern provinces and, via Havana, went around the world; but changüi has just
stayed at home untill I took it to town and dressed it up.”
On this LP we don’t hear the distinctive voice of old Elio Revé, his son Elio jr. is
following up his father but I am not sure if he is the one we hear on this album.
It doesn’t give any information on the subject so we have to guess. If you can
shine a light on the matter, please do. One way or another, although this LP has
quite a dark and sad cover, the music is a lot brighter. If anyone knows anything
about it, let us participate in that knowledge, thanks folks, listen.


1 Yo soy el changüi
2 Yateras changüi
3 Changüi morena
4 Juaniquita
5 La betea changüi
6 Pulmeron
7 Mi ritmo changüi
8 Conel diablilo
9 Sama
10 Rigodon
11 Changüi esta en la calle
12 Los Reve del changüi lamas


Elio Revé y su Ritmo….. Changüi, Siboney / Egrem 1982

Elio Revé, front

In August of 2008 I posted an album by Orchesta Revé, this one
is by the same artist but under his own name. Find the other
here . Elio Revé created a sound totally unique.
Born out of ‘Son’, his ‘Changüi’ with it’s almost funky warm bass
and hypnotic rhythms is the most famous. I found some more information
on this_page.


1 Negra con pelo
2 Señores silencio
3 Tu eres mi ilusión
4 Mi ritmo changüi
5 A mí
6 Oyan coro
7 Matingó
8 Tu lunar
9 Vamos a Artemisa
10 Manyé pa’Catalina


Orquesta Revé – Rumberos Latino-Americanos,Areito/Egrem

Orquesta Revé, front, cd size

Elio Revé

Elio Revé Matos, (right side)( picture; ‘the Rough Guide’ on World Music )
Forget about this cover and check the music !

One of Cuban’s styles born out of ‘Son’ is ‘Changüí’.
It’s main performer is without doubt the late ‘Elio Revé Matos’,
He died in a car accident in 1997, a great loss to Cuban music.
The LP I ripped for you, by Orquesta Revé, is a fine example of
his fantastic sound. It’s cover is awful but it’s music is great.
I’ve added the cover they used for the later issued cd.


1 Ruñidera
2 Rumberos Latino-Americanos
3 Se que tu sabes que yo se
4 Changüí campanero
5 La boda en bicicleta
6 Que lastima me da contigo mi amor
7 Tan linda
8 21 de Mayo