Conjunto Matamoros with Beny Moré
Tumbao Cuban Classics 1992

We ended 2020 with Cuban music and
now we open 2021 with Cuban music.
Just for the fun of it ..
Wishing everybody a swell, happy
and healthy new year !
Let the music take you there ..
Cheers, Moos

Another album with Miguel Matamoros, today he appears
with Conjunto Matamoros instead of Trio Matamoros.
Guest singer is the great Beny
Moré with his golden voice ..

Beny Moré, Sonero Mayor vol. 4 1982
Beny Moré y sus Amigos
Trio Matamoros 1996
Los Matamoros, Vuelven
Roberto Torres Recuerda al Trio Matamoros 1981
Trio Matamoros, El Cubanisimo vol. 1 1982
Beny Moré, Wikipedia
Beny Moré, Discogs
Trio Matamoros, Wikipedia
Conjunto Matamoros, Discogs

01 – Buenos Hermanos
02 – La cazuelita
03 – Se va a morir
04 – Ofrenda criolla
05 – Sere dichoso
06 – Que sera eso ?
07 – Penicilina
08 – Me la llevo
09 – Las penas de mi alma
10 – Oyeme
11 – Camina y van pa’ la loma
12 – Cosas de ayer
13 – Mi unica boca
14 – Que estan mirando
15 – Baila mi pregon
16 – Mailare mi son
17 – Soy maraquero


Arsenio Rodriguez y su Conjunto Orquestal Todos Estrellas
Antonio Arcaño y sus Maravillas
Mano a Mano
Cariño Records . RCA 1974

Today it is 50 years ago the world lost its greatest Cuban
tres player, composer and bandleader Arsenio Rodriguez.
August 31, 1911 – December 30, 1970.
During the 1940’s there was rivalry between the Conjunto’s
of Arsenio and Antonio Arcaño. The album we have today
was a kind of battle between the two. Side one covers five
songs with Arsenio Rodriguez’ Conjunto and side two five
songs with Antonio Arcaño and his Conjunto. Read more
about Arsenio Rodriguez..

El Sentimiento de Arsenio 1974
La Pachanga 1963
Arsenio 1957
Arsenio Rodriguez y su Magia 1973
El Ciego Maravilloso 1976
with Chano Pozo, legendary Sessions 1992
Sabroso y Caliente 1957
Arsenio Rodriguez y su Conjunto, Vol. 2
Arsenio Rodriguez y su Conjunto

Arsenio Rodriguez y su Conjunto Orquestral Todos Estrellas;
01 – Tengo que olvidarte
02 – Dame un cachito pa’huele
03 – Chicharronero
04 – El reloj de pastora
05 – Cangrejo fue a estudiar

Antonio Arcaño y sus Maravillas;
06 – Arriba la invasion
07 – Ritmo alegre
08 – Los chicos buenos
09 – Atomo musical
10 – Jovenes de la defensa


Orquesta Revé – Suave Suave
Areito / Egrem 1990

Vandaag, beste groovers, is het weer eens tijd voor muziek
uit Cuba. Zoveel prachtige klanken van dat zonnige eiland.
Één band waar ik al jaren gek van ben is toch wel deze. Elio
Revé Matos en zijn Orquesta Revé speelden een soort salsa
stijl die ze Changüi noemen. Op deze plaat uit 1990 staan wel
wat nummers die ook op andere van hun albums voorkomen
maar dat mag de pret niet drukken. Alles wat ik van ze tegen-
kom post ik blind. Heerlijke sound .. Luister met plezier ..
Ik heb de drie extra nummers die de cd Suave
Suave bevat als bonus toegevoegd ..

Today, dear groovers, it is time for some music from Cuba
again. We found so much wonderful stuff from that sunny
island. One group I cherish in particular is without any
doubt this one. Elio Revé Matos and his Orquesta Revé
made a kind of salsa they call Changüi. This record contains
a few songs we’ve heard on other albums also, but that can’t
spoil the fun. Everything we find from these guys is posted
without hesitation. Great sound .. listen and enjoy ..
I have added the three songs which come
extra on the cd Sauve Suave ..

Mi Salsa Tiene Sandunga 1991
Que Cuento es Ese 1988
Changüi 1982
La Explosion del Momento 1987
El Ritmo Changüi
Rumberos Latino-Americanos
Various Artists – Sabroso! 1989

01 – Suave, suavecito
02 – Aqui todo se resuelve
03 – Reir y cantar
04 – Anda y recogela
05 – Respetame
06 – Oye, mira y calla
07 – Gente chevere
08 – Si mas tuviera, mas te diera

Bonus tracks

09 – Tocopan
10 – En el cachumbbambe
11 – Tiene telenana


Los Matamoros – Vuelven
Metrópoli L.D.M. 5050

Found this record between my Cuban releases. At first I thought
it was an album with Miguel Matamoros. When checking Discogs
it became more confusing than it already was. The sleeve gives no
information and Discogs has a copy on the Colombian Fabuloso label.
My copy is on Metrópoli on which I can’t seem to find anything. The
music sounds very much from Cuba and personally I think the cover
also looks Cuban. We have no year of release and no info, what do
you think we have here ?
P.S. Studying the label, Metrópoli
also seems to be Colombian ..

Deze plaat stond tussen m’n Cubaanse uitgaven. Eerst dacht ik dat
we er een met Miguel Matamoros hadden. Toen ik Discogs raad-
pleegde werd de verwarring eerder groter dan kleiner. De hoes
geeft geen enkele info en Discogs heeft een een versie op het
Colombiaanse Fabuloso label. De mijne is op Metrópoli waarover
online niets te vinden is. De muziek klinkt mij Cubaans en ook de
hoes lijkt mij Cubaans. We vinden geen jaar van uitgifte en geen
informatie, wat denk jij dat we hier hebben ?
P.S. Het label bestuderend blijkt
Metrópoli ook Colombiaans te zijn.


01 – Conciencia
02 – Mata y baby
03 – Puro amor
04 – Sangre de conga
05 – Tu veras
06 – Las ruinas de mi bohio
07 – El puerquito de la yuca
08 – Beso discreto
09 – La china de la rumba
10 – Bolichan
11 – Pobre bohemia
12 – El trio y el ciclon


Rico’s Creole Band, 1931-1937
Mammy Bong, Harlequin 1993

On Harlequin we find this lovely cd with the music of Filiberto
Rico and his group Rico’s Creole Band. He was a Cuban clarinet
player and one of the first to bring Cuban music to Europe.
Read more in this Bio.

Blessed in Havana, Cuba, in 1910, Filiberto Rico was one of
the primary wave of music artists to popularize Latin American
music throughout north European countries. An alto saxophonist
who doubled on flute, youthful Rico gigged and documented with
several rings in Paris and Copenhagen through the past due ’20s,
especially Moises Simon’s Orquesta Tipica Cubana. Rico’s Creole
Music group was produced in 1930 and interested the Parisian
open public using the conga, the beguine, as well as the bolero
until a proliferation of Nazis (equipped with a racist Weltan-
schauung that criminalized the cultural variety embodied in
the word “Creole”) managed to get essential for this Afro-Cuban
musician to absent himself from the spot through the years
1941-1946. Rico’s postwar reputation in Paris and along the
France Riviera is renowned, and continues to be related to the
mixing of Western european and Latin American designs. His early
recordings had been reissued in two amounts on compact disk with
the Harlequin label in 1993-1994, and his postwar profession is
documented on the retrospective two-fer released in 2003 by
Fremeaux & Associes. ( MusicianBio)

01 – Viva la conga
02 – A una rosa
03 – Biguine d’amour
04 – Canto caribe
05 – Lagrimas negras
06 – Ce que j’aime
07 – Rumba seductora
08 – Quiero
09 – La complainte de l’esclave
10 – Chaparrita
11 – Alma de mujer
12 – Como una rosa
13 – Mammy bong
14 – Blanca rosa
15 – La conga
16 – Chiquita de cuba
17 – la sitiera
18 – Rumba galopante
19 – Paris soir
20 – 1-2-3 yep


Arsenio Rodriguez – El Sentimiento de Arsenio
Cariño 1974

Al is Arsenio Rodriguez, de blinde meester van de ‘Son
Montuno’ al niet meer onder ons sinds 1970, (bijna 50
jaar geleden) zijn muziek blijft fascineren. Op het album
van vandaag staan enkele songs die we al eerder zagen
langs komen, echter tevens wat andere. Hieronder zie
je hoe de grote Arsenio werd verdreven van de eerste
plaats in onze download Top 20. Hij blijft echter
stevig staan op nummer twee en dat zal
vast en zeker nog lang het geval zijn ..

Eventhough Arsenio Rodriguez, the blind tres player and
master of the son montuno, left us already in 1970, (almost
50 years ago) his music remains fascinating. On today’s
album we find some songs that have been here on earlier
occasions but also a couple unknown ones. Below this
article you can see how the great Arsenio was driven
from his number one position in our download Top 20,
I’m sure however he will remain in number
2 position for quite some time ..

La Pachanga 1963
Arsenio 1957
Arsenio Rodriguez y su Magia 1973
El Ciego Maravilloso 1976
with Chano Pozo, legendary Sessions 1992
Sabroso y Caliente 1957
Arsenio Rodriguez y su Conjunto, Vol. 2
Arsenio Rodriguez y su Conjunto

01 – No me llores mas
02 – No puedo comer vistagacha
03 – Dundunbanza
04 – Me siento muy solo
05 – Lo que dice usted
06 – Llevatelo todo
07 – Me bote de guaño
08 – Vuelvo a la vida
09 – Kila, quique y chocolate
10 – La vida es un Sueño


Guillermo Portabales – El Carretero,
World Circuit 1996

I first got aquainted with Guillermo Portabales in 1996 through
El Carretero. It was so impressive I started looking for more.
Found some elpees and some other cd’s over the years.
All wonderful stuff I keep playing over and over.
Better listen if you don’t know Guillermo ..

Viva Portabales from 1976
Sones Cubanos from 1978
Discogs Discography

tracks ;

01 – El carretero
02 – Cumbiamba
03 – Junto a un cañaveral
04 – Nostalgia guajira
05 – Tristeza guajira
06 – Yo ta canto puerto rico
07 – Lamento cubano
08 – Guateque campesino
09 – Oye mi son
10 – Al vaivén de mi crreta
11 – Voy a santiago a morirme
12 – Romance guajiro
13 – El amor de mi bohio
14 – El arroyo que murmura
15 – Cuando sali de cuba
16 – Flor de amor


Guillermo Portabales – Al Vaiven de mi Carreta
Tumbao Cuban Classics 1996

tracks ;

01 – Añoranza
02 – Pan de gloria
03 – Tierra mia
04 – Mi guitarra
05 – Al vaiven de mi carret
06 – Rumba alegre
07 – Romance guajiro
08 – Flor de amor
09 – Habanera ven
10 – Asi es mi guajira
11 – Dos amores
12 – Bajo una palmera
13 – Desengaño
14 – Tuya sola
15 – Paisaje
16 – Timoteo
17 – La palomita
18 – Mi lindo bohio


Roberto Torres recuerda al Trio Matamoros
SAR/Guajiro Records Inc. 1981

On this album, Roberto Torres remembers Miguel Matamoros
and his Trio. A few links to related work below. Los Virtuosos
also honour Matamoros in a song. A collector with one Matamoros
version of Antonio Machin’s ‘El Manisero’. Enjoy ..

Op deze plaat eert Roberto Torres Miguel Matamoros en zijn Trio.
Een paar links naar gerelateerd werk hieronder. Los Virtuosos
brengen ook een tribuut met een Matamoros nummer. Een
verzamelaar met een Matamoros versie van Antonio
Machin’s ‘El Manisero’. Luister ..

Trio Matamoros – El Cubanismo vol.1 from 19??
El Manisero Collection
Los Virtuosos – El Brujo from 1976

tracks ;

01 – El que siembra su maiz
02 – La mujer de antonio
03 – Camina y ven pa’ la loma
04 – El paralitico
05 – Veneración
06 – Potpourri
—–Son de la loma
—–Frutas del caney
—–Buche y pluma
—–Lágrimas negras
—–Hueso na’ mas


Trio Matamoros – The Legendary Trio Matamoros
Tumbao Cuban Classics 1992

tracks ;

01 – El que siembra su maiz
02 – Olvido
03 – Alma de roca
04 – El lecherito oriental
05 – La mujer de antonio
06 – La cumbancha
07 – Buche y pluma no mas
08 – Puro amor
09 – Que viste
10 – El paralitico
11 – El manisero
12 – Gaditana
13 – Amor y dudas
14 – Malanga
15 – Comentario del solar
16 – Lagrimas negras
17 – Alegre conga
18 – Amor fingido
19 – Luz que no alumbra
20 – ¿Quien tiro la bomba?


Roman y su Conjunto – Nabori
SAR/Guajiro Records Inc. 1981

If you find records with Roberto Torres, singing or producing
it is always a joy listening. Here is another, John Fausty did the
enginering and José Exposito the art work. From 1981, on SAR,
Guajiro Records Inc. Son Montuno and such, decent material .
Tres by Harry “Nabori” Roman ..

Als je zo’n plaat vindt met Roberto Torres, als zanger of producer,
altijd en gegarandeerd luisterplezier. Hier is er nog zo eentje, John
Fausty doet het geluid en José Exposito het art work. Uit 1981, op
SAR, Guajiro Records Inc. Son Montuno en dergelijke, solide
luister materiaal. Tres door Harry “Nabori” Roman ..

Here are some links to Roberto Torres works,
it could be I forgot some albums, feel free to
make remarks on this topic ..

Papaito from 1979
Estan en Buenas Manos from 1977
Laba Sosseh from 1981
Corazón de Pueblo from 1984
Monguito el no. 1 – Yo No Soy Mentiroso from 1979
Chico Alvarez from 1981
Papaito, Rinde Homenaje a Abelardo Barroso from 1980
Alfredo Valdes y su Charanga – La Fiesta no es Para Feos from 1982
Lita Branda – La Tigresa de la Salsa from 1982
Monguito el Unico from 1984
Papaito – Para Mis Amigos from 1984
Papaito from 1980
Monguito el Unico from 1984
Discogs Discography

tracks ;

01 – Ya tu ves campeon
02 – perejil pa’ la cotorra
03 – Virgencita ayudame
04 – Sigue ella boba
05 – Perro no come perro
06 – Mi fanfaron


To Scratch That Itch, Roots, Rock and Rhythm
Various Artists, Luaka Bop 1991

When the weather is changing and fall drops in on us, I always tend
to start playing more popmusic. Atmospheric stuff with lots of variety.
Something quite else is this cd on the prestigious Luaka Bop label of
David Byrne. His selections are outstanding and surprising. This album
is from 1991, already 28 years of age but feels like yesterday. Mr. Byrne
treats us with music from the UK, Brazil, the US and Cuba. A nice bunch
of songs in different styles and moods, listen ..

P.S. I discovered one strange mistake, track #9 is not Agepê as written
on the cd’s cover. It is Martinho da Vila with Claustrofobia.

Als het weer omslaat en de herfst zijn onstuimige intrede maakt, neig ik
steeds vaker naar popmuziek. Atmosferische mengeling van stijlen en
stemmingen. Iets tamelijk anders dan wat je hier gewend bent is dit. Op
het prestgieuze Luaka Bop label van David Byrne komt deze bonte ver-
zameling tracks die stammen uit het Verenigd Koninkrijk, Brazilië, de USA
en Cuba. Het gaat van links naar rechts en andersom, luister ..

P.S. Ik ontdekte een vreemde fout, track #9 is niet Agepê zoals de
cd omslag vermeldt. Het is Martinho da Vila met Claustrofobia.

tracks ;

01 – A.R. Kane – A love from outer space
02 – Jorge Ben – Ponte de lança africano (umbabarauma)
03 – David Byrne – Dirty old town
04 – Tom Zé – Augusta, Angélica e consolação
05 – Conjunto Rumbavana – No me llores
06 – Luiz Conzaga – O fole roncou
07 – Silvio Rodriguez – Nuestro tema
08 – Jack Dangers – Ava
09 – Martinho da Vila – Claustrofobia
10 – A.R. Kane – Miles apart
11 – Caetano Veloso – Um canto de afoxé para o bloco do ilê
12 – Trio Nordestino – Rejeição
13 – Celeste Mendoza – Mi rumba echando candela
14 – David Byrne – Make believe mambo (club mix)


Ignacio Piñeiro and his Septeto Nacional
Tumbao Cuban Classics 1992

Glorias de Cuba from 1976
Classicos del Son from 1987
Carlos Embales con Septeto Nacional de Ignacio Piñeiro from 1990
Discogs Discography

tracks ;

01 – Entre preciosos palmeras
02 – Son que quita las penas
03 – Mustios amores
04 – Me han quemao
05 – De pelota no
06 – Me arrepiento
07 – Lindo yambu
08 – Como voy a sufrir
09 – Que bonito es
10 – A cogerlo
11 – Descanso
12 – No me perturbes
13 – Bardo
14 – No sufran corazones
15 – Viva el bongo
16 – Marisa o rascame aqui
17 – Ay mama inez


Global Sampler Vol. 65
Various Artists

tracks ;

01 – Chief Stephen Osita Osadebe – Ndi afu
02 – The Latin Brothers – Bailame como quieras
03 – Kiland & Orchestre Mabatalai – Dernier voyage nassali part 2
04 – Tião Motorista – Manhã de Carnaval, A felicidade
05 – Andrés Landero y su Conjunto – La pollera rosada
06 – Francisco Ulloa y su Conjunto – India de los ojos verdes
07 – Les Bantous de la Capitale – Mobali ya lisano
08 – Le Kongo Retro Band & Bukasa léon – Kana he
09 – Henri Bowane – Sam ba no
10 – Pio Leyva – El pregon de la montaña
11 – N’Gewel International de Dakar – Sama n’goro ak suma pel bi
12 – Trio Select – Parole gran moune
13 – Afro Cuban All-Stars – Clasiqueando Con Rubén (Son)
14 – Orlando Guerra ‘Cascarita’ Con La Orquesta Casino De La Playa – Ay, pero que jelengue
15 – Kabaka International Guitar Band – Late florence mbakwe


Celina Gonzalez y Conjunto Campo Alegre
Camina y Ven con Celina
Egrem / Areito 1990

What a woman, what a voice, it blew me away from the
first time I heard her and it still does. Great recordings
made available on this 1990 Egrem / Areito release.
Powerful son Cubano you don’t want to miss ..

tracks ;

01 – Camino y ven
02 – Rumores matutinos
03 – No volvere a enamorarme
04 – Guateque en mi bohio
05 – El hijo del siboney
06 – El cuarto de tula
07 – Que lio compay andres
08 – Asi quiero viver
09 – El encanto de tu boca
10 – Para venezuela