Scientist – Scientific Dub


tracks ;

01 – Drum song dub
02 – Keep a good dub rubbing
03 – Taxi to baltimore dub
04 – Satta dread dub
05 – Every dub shall scrub
06 – Black a shade of dub
07 – Bad days dub
08 – East of scientist corner
09 – Just say dub… who
10 – Words of dub


African Head Charge – Drastic Season
On U Sound 1983

African Head Charge, voorkant

African Head Charge, achterkant detail

Houd je van lekker vreemd instrumentaal getrommel
en geblieb ? De meester op dit terrein was begin jaren
tachtig zonder twijfel Adrian Sherwood. Hier hebben we
nog zo’n sterk staaltje bizarre geluiden, congas, bongos,
friction drums, fish, cabassa, keukenpannen, basgitaren,
keyboards, chinese luit, elektrische percussie etcetera..

Do you like some nice and weird instrumental drumming
and blieping ? Absolute master in this territory was early
eighties without doubt Adrian Sherwood. Here we have
another fine example of bizar sounds, congas, bongos,
friction drums, fish, cabassa, kitchenpans, bass guitars,
keyboards, chinese lute, electric percussion etcetera..

titels ;

01 – Timbuktu express
02 – I want water
03 – Bazaar
04 – African hedge hog
05 – Depth charge
06 – Fruit market
07 – Snake in the hole
08 – Many generations


Creation Rebel – Psychotic Jonkanoo
Statik / On-U Sound 1981

Creation Rebel, voorkant

Zo voor in de jaren tachtig was er een explosie aan dikke dub
platen van het prestigieuze On U Sound label van producer
Adrian Sherwood gaande. Mijn vrienden en ik waren er enorm
van onder de indruk en kochten alles wat er maar uitkwam.
Dit is er een uit 1981 van Creation Rebel. Ik herrinner me een
optreden in het Amsterdamse Paradiso waarbij ook drummer
Eskimo Fox van de partij was. We schreeuwden zijn naam zo
hard dat de man schouderophalend naar z’n bandgenoten
keek, zichtbaar in verlegenheid gebracht, het werd een
onvergetelijke avond waaraan ik nog vaak terugdenk.

Early eighties an explosion of fatback dub records from the
prestigious On U Sound label of Adrian Sherwood took place.
My buddies and I were quite impressed by it and bought every
album that was released in those days. The one we have today
is such an album. I remember a night in the Amsterdam Paradiso
when we screamed the name of drummer Eskimo Fox so loud
he was visibly affected and looked embarrassed to his fellow
musicians. It became a memorable evening of which
I think back often.

titels ;

01 – The dope
02 – African space
03 – Chatti mouth
04 – Threat to creation
05 – Highest degree
06 – Mother don’t cry
07 – Yuk up
08 – Drum talk


On-U Sound Compilation
Wild Paarty Sounds volume one
Various Artists, Cherry Red Records 1981

Wild Paarty Sounds, front

..don’t say it..
..hear it..


01 – Jah Woosh – Woodpecker sound
02 – Machine Gun Hogg & Co. – Eed bound saga
03 – Prince Far I & Creation Rebel – Quanté jubila
04 – The Chicken Granny – Quit the body
05 – Alan Pellay – Parasitic machine
06 – London Underground – Dreams are better
07 – Suns of Arqa – Asian rebel
08 – Alan pellay – Demonic forces
09 – The Mothmen – Afghani dub
10 – Jeb Loy & The Oil Wells – Things that made U.S.
11 – New Age Steppers – Yipee I aah
12 – Judy Nylon – The dice


Scientist meets the Space Invaders
Greensleeves 1981

Scientist, front

First, light up a spliff, then sit down and suck in
this slice of dubbing adventure. Okay, now light up
another spliff, turn up the volumes of your stereo,
kick aside your furniture and experience some of
the best pounding dub beats ever made on earth.
It was 1981, a flock of spaceships entered the
London atmosphere. Hopeton Brown, better
known as Scientist was luckily around with
the Roots Radics to save the day. Tony
McDermott made the snapshot at a
perfect moment and captured our
young hero in full action.
Sowell, Bingy Bunny,
Flabba, Style & Santa,
Sky Juice & Skully,
Steely & Winston,
Gladdie, they were all
there with Maxie, Banabas
& Crucial Bunny, Linvall Thompson
and Mickie ‘Roots’ Scott,
Dub away…


1 Beam down
2 Red shift
3 Time warp
4 Cloning process
5 Pulsar
6 Laser attack
7 Dematerialize
8 Fission
9 Supernova explosion
10 Quasar


King Tubby’s – King at the Control
Tad’s Records

King Tubby's, front

Tad's label

..wanna get some harddubbing roots..? smokin’ pumpin’
rubbadub by the hardest of dem all ? King Tubby’s
went to England and made his islandsound in the
cold for a change, obscure record with blanco
backsleeve, on Tad’s records, if you know
a year of release, can ya tell us too ?
..gimme some feedback if it hits ya..

about the tracklist, label claims 5 numbers on
each side but b-side only has three. I am only guessing
that the longer track #8 is in fact numbers 8,9 and 10.


1 King tubby’s special
2 Tad’s special
3 Winter dub
4 Raving dub
5 Dread dub
6 Eastwood dub
7 General saint dub
8 Ranimo dub
– Dub up dub
– Nkrumah dub


Dub Syndicate – Tunes from the Missing Channel
On-U Sound 1985

Dub Syndicate, front


This is an ode to the late and great Style Scott.
“Something nice is gonna happen to your ears..”, that’s the text
on one of the samples used by Adrian Sherwood, the producer
of this wonderful On-U Sound label. Drummer Style Scott, famous
for his work with Roots Radics, Bunny Wailer, Prince Far-I,
Israel Vibration, Dub Syndicate, and Gregory Isaacs among others
was found dead at his home on october 9th. May he rest in peace.
Early eighties he joined Adrian Sherwood to play on his On-U Sound
label and stayed for many years. This is an album on which we can
hear his incredible skills as a reggae drummer, one of the early
On-U Sound lp’s we used to play a whole lot back in the days.
Circumstances around his death are unknown at
present but gunshots or explosions were heard
from his house in Manchester Parish…
Beware, this is heavy dub music.


1 Ravi shankar pt.1
2 The show is coming
3 Must be dreaming
4 Over board
5 Forever more
6 Geoffrey boycott
7 Wellie
8 Jolly
9 Out and about


Suns of Arqa featuring Prince Far-I Antler Records 1983

Sons of Arqa, front

When the year comes to an end I always tend to listen to
all kinds of music, stuff I forgot, looking around for some-
thing different. Take this funny project, Suns of Arqa, it is
a 12″ single but halfway the b-side you switch the speed
to 33 rotations and lift the needle to the second part. It
contains some weird pieces of reggae-like tunes, partly
inna dub style. Productions by Michael Mafia and Adrian
Sherwood, who we know off course of the famous On-U
Sound label. Emotional introduction of Prince Far-I when
opening the last track. It gave me goosebumps back in
the days. The prince got shot during street violence in
1983 in Jamaica and died at the hospital age 49. The
same year this single was released and made
quite an impression on us, listen, but be
warned, it might send shivers
down your spine..


1 G.D. magick
2 Acid tabla
3 Throw away your guns,
– Whatchagonadoonthejudgementday


Errol ‘Flabba’ Holt -Roots Radics DubTad’s

Flabba, front

Yesterday evening I went to a concert of Israel Vibration in the
Amsterdam ‘Melkweg’. They appeared with the Roots Radics
and pulled of a wonderful show. Ever since the departure of
Apple, I guess in 1997, the once so famous trio turned to
continue as a duo. I must say Skelly and Wiss made a
huge entree and had the Melkweg at their feet. Remarkable
was the fact they had three microphones while singing with
two. As if they meant to say; ” Whenever you feel like it,
Apple, you’re welcome to join us again..”  Absolutely
marvelous to find Errol ‘Flabba’ Holt and Dwight Pickney
( I thought it was Bingy Bunny ) still performing in the band
they founded in the seventies. After the show I had the
pleasure of meeting with Errol ‘Flabba’ Holt and be able to
tell him what a star and heroe he is.
An evening to remember, listen to an oldie,
Flabba in dub,…yes I…. seen.. ?


1   Flabba dub
2   Screw face dub
3   Bronx bommers
4   Macka dub
5   Ark special
6   Satta dub
7   Criple man scank
8   Rub a dub style
9   Murder dub
10  Super special dub


African Head Charge -Environmental Studies,On-U Sound 1982

African Head Charge, front

In between dem spicy flavours,
one feels the need to neutralize.
Let the African Head Charge reset
and empty your spongey brain.
After doctor Sherwood’s rhythmic
mental flushing we’ll have both feet
firmly on the ground, ready to absorb
any obscure slice of vinyl again.


1 Crocodile hand luggage
2 Dinosaur’s lament
3 Beriberi
4 Snakeskin tracksuit
5 High protein snack
6 In a trap
7 Breeding space
8 Primitive
9 Latin temperament


New Age Steppers – Foundation Steppers,
On-U Sound LP21, 1982

New Age Steppers, front

I have always been a sucker for the fatback dubsound of
dubwizzard Adrian Sherwood’s On-U Sound productions.
When this stuff was released early eighties, no slice of
vinyl escaped our attention. Skips were very tight on
this one, I hope they fell in place.
Special thanks to Scotty
and Roots Radics.


1 Some love
2 Memories
3 5 dog race
4 Misplaced love
5 Dreamers
6 Stabilizer
7 Stormy weather
8 Vice of my enemies
9 Mandarin


King Tubby meets Rockers Uptown- Augustus Pablo, Clock Tower


If you’re into dub music, King Tubby’s name alone must
get you excited. He is one of the inventors of the style
and that shows. With artists like Robert Shakespear, Aston
Barret, Earl Smith, Carlton Barret, Augustus Pablo, Richard
( Dirty Harry ) Hall, Bobby Ellis and Vincent Gordon, this LP
contains some of the most historic dub recordings.


1 Keep on dubbing
2 Stop them jah
3 Young generation dub
4 Each one dub
5 555 dub street
6 Braces tower dub
7 King Tubby meets rockers uptown
8 Corner crew dub
9 Say so
10 Skanking dub
11 Frozen dub