l’Orchestre Tao-Tao de Paris -Rythme, Ambiance, Mouvement,Afric’ Music 1980

Tao-Tao, front

l’Orchestre Tao-Tao was formed in 1973 at the Campus
de l’Université d’Amiens. The initiative of a group of students
from 7 African Countries; Congo, Zaïre, Centrafrique,
Gabon, Bénin, Guinée and Cameroun. This 1980 album
contains a couple of great songs. I particularly like
the use of organ on this LP. Jeff Louna on guitar, nice,
Orchestre Tao-Tao de Paris, Rythme, Ambiance, mouvement..


1 Santa Mutombo
2 Ngbonga ti liberté
3 Lolango
4 Nzambe alakisi la vérité