Black & Blue vol. 1 – Various Artists

Op Hi-records, de altijd sterke producties van Willie Mitchell,
in dit geval met Al Green. Jack Dupree met een van de grap-
pigste songs ooit. Don Covay, de man waar Mick Jagger de
zangkunst van heeft af gekeken. Willie Dixon, de nerveuze
blues. ..en zo nog een zwik persoonlijk favoriete zwarte
nummers. Vandaag voor jou gecompileerd, enjoy ..

On Hi-Records, the always strong productions by Willie Mitchell,
in this case with Al Green. Champion Jack Dupee with one of the
funniest songs I ever heard. Don Covay, the man of who Mick Jagger
got his singing style. Willie Dixon and his nervous blues and an-
other bunch of personal favourite black songs. Compiled for you
today. Enjoy listening ..

tracks ;

01 – Al Green – Tired of being alone
02 – Champion Jack Dupree – Just like a woman
03 – Don Covay – Sweet thang
04 – Bobby Bland – Ain’t nobody’s business
05 – Dyke & the Blazers – Shotgun slim
06 – Willie Dixon & Memphis Slim – Nervous
07 – The Robert Cray Band – Phone booth
08 – Ray Charles – My mama told me
09 – Clarence Carter – I’m qualified
10 – William Bell – Then you can tell me goodbye
11 – Al Green – Take me to the river
12 – Dramatics – What you see is what you get
13 – James Carr – At the dark end of the street
14 – Jerry Butler – I could write a book
15 – Lee Dorsey – A little dab a do ya
16 – Johnny Ace – Don’t you know
17 – The Impressions – Woman’s got soul
18 – Solomon Burke – Love buys love


Moussa Doumbia
Pathé Marconi / EMI 1977

Moussa Doumbia, front

At times it feels as if the producer of this album should
have balanced out things a bit more. Rough edges were
left at places I would have polished the sound. However,
on the other hand, perhaps same time it makes this record
so intriguing. The rough funky groove it breaths is unique
and makes you play it again and again. If you are an audio
freak, I strongly suggest not to download this crazy record.
Everybody else, get it & spread it immediately..


01 – Keleya
02 – Papa
03 – Femme senegal
04 – Mariage


Don Covay – Super Dude I
Mercury 1973

Don Covay, front

Don Covay, back

This sunday soulbrothers we’ve got an album by one
of the most influential singers in the field. Even his
weepies are different and breathe a certain coolness.
His work was an inspirational source for many to
follow. I am a fan, that’s for sure. Listen
to the great Don Covay, sweeet..
..and what a title, do you think
the ‘I’ thing refers to reggae
track ‘Memphis’ ?
I and I do..


01 – Overtime man
02 – Leave him pt.1
03 – I stayed away too long
04 – I was checkin’ out, she was chenkin’ in
05 – Hold you to your promise
06 – Memphis
07 – The pinch hitters
08 – Somebody’s been enjoying my home
09 – Bad mouthing
10 – Leave him pt.2
11 – Money ( that’s what I want )
12 – Don’t step on a man when he’s down


George Clinton – a Parliafunkadelicment thang

George Clinton, front

Some time ago I made this compilation of Pfunk tracks.
I tried to pick some of the numbers you don’t hear that
much. When driving your car this is music that makes
time pass easily, grooving on.., enjoy a
Parliafunkadelicment thang.


01 – Parliament – Wizard of finance
02 – Funkadelic – Philmore
03 – Parliament – Handcuffs
04 – Funkadelic – Cholly ( funk get ready to roll )
05 – Parliament – Theme from the blackhole
06 – Funkadelic – Nappy dugout
07 – Funkadelic – No compute
08 – Bootsy’s Rubber Band – What’s a telephone bill
09 – Parliament – Dr. Funkenstein
10 – Parliament – Red Hot Mama
11 – Funkadelic – I’ll stay
12 – Funkadelic – Standing on the verge of getting it on
13 – Funkadelic – Field maneuvers
14 – Funkadelic – Back in our minds
15 – Funkadelic – Hit it and quit it
16 – Funkadelic – Can you get to that
17 – Funkadelic – Loose booty
18 – Funkadelic – A joyful process


Johnny Guitar Watson – A Real Mother
Kessler-Grass 1977

Johnny Guitar Watson, front

Johnny Guitar Watson, backdetail

I was 19 years old when this came out, I remember so well.
The deep underground funky sound of Johnny Guitar Watson
made a huge impression and I must say, I still love it. Back
then we were hanging out in dark smokey seller discotheques
and youthcenters. When listening to it again I can see images
of those days, the girls, the atmosphere, damn, good thoughts.
Let’s take a dive back into the seventies and play this sucker
till we can’t take it no more, the vinyl got hurt a tiny bit over
the years and has a few jumps in the last track, sorry ‘bout
being so careless..


01 – A real mother
02 – Nothing left to be desired
03 – Your love is my love
04 – The real deal
05 – Tarzan
06 – I wanna thank you
07 – Lover Jones


King Floyd – Groove Me
Chimneyville / Cotillion 1971

King Floyd, front

King Floyd

Hello folks, goodmorning, last week I posted an album by the
Impressions telling you I was gonna do some more rare soul
and such. Well today I have an lp by one of the funkiest of all.
The title matches this page as no other, ‘Groove me’ is truly
one of the finest songs in the genre. I remember discovering
King Floyd, his music hit me instantly when listening to him
first time. So don’t hesitate and get this, you wont be sorry.


1 Groove me
2 Let us be
3 Woman don’t go astray
4 Baby let me kiss you
5 Messing up my mind
6 It’s wonderful
7 So glad I found you
8 Don’t leave me lonely
9 Day in the life of a fool
10 What our love needs